Can't Finish BJ HELP.


I've been with my boyfriend (first real sexual and romantic long lasting partner) for a little over a year and a half now. We have a lot of sex, sometimes multiple times a day, he's my god he can make me cream in under 5 minutes. Together we have explored numerous areas of our sexuality and are up to trying new and daring things everyday. However... there is one thing that I can't help but believe sets us back from time to time... I for the life of me, despite how I try cannot make him cum via hand/blow jobs. Every time I get him close he says he almost feels the sensation of urination or it just won't happen. I have gone for up to 45 minutes at a time until my neck is nearly paralyzed... Help me


From a mans point of view:

I have tried this several times.. Sometime you simply can't make it work. Sometimes you just can't make him ejaculate, and it might really be because of a few things:

  • How into it are you? I find it hard to finish unless the girl seems really into the moment.
  • You guys have a lot of sex, this can sometimes be a cause of your BF having problems ejaculating
  • He needs stimulation during the blowjob, he might be really turned on to start off with, but as it prolongs sometimes he might lose his turn on
  • You can try to "moan" more, or give him vocal stimulation
  • Do not forget the balls.

To be truthful it's a problem for me too sometimes, so i'm taking this is kind of a normal thing.. Don't know quite how to deal with it though.

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