Women and Excitement

Fri, 07/20/2012 - 00:01 -- jcartwright

It´s not always about the obvious things: if you want your date progressing to a really “turned on state”, don´t expect her to suddenly go wild with one touch of your finger. It´s the building up of the right atmosphere what counts, one detail at a time.

You may have heard there are men with a magnetic personality, with something about their personality that cause women to melt around them (for some funny reason, George Clooney is a constant example when talking about this alleged phenomenon). The truth, however, is most guys can´t depend on an incredibly stare to have a girl jumping straight into him and starting a passionate kiss. If you want your date to find you excitingly attractive by the end of the evening, your natural behavior (assuming it´s directed to making her feel comfortable and appreciated) will be a good enough first step. Then fortune has its own say to some degree: if you turn out to be her type, she´ll be fancying you all right before the date is over.

However, if you don´t want to leave too much open to chance, here are a couple guidelines revealed by women themselves about what they think is a turn on in a guy.

Put on something that fits you

No, we don´t mean a tight pair of jeans is a key to the depths of female desire (actually wearing clothes that completely reveal your figure is a bad idea, even if you have that dubious six-pack you might be trying to brag about). But there´s nothing worse in terms of fashion than a guy who does not pay attention to the correct size of his shirts or walks around with pants that constantly slip down your waist. They don´t expect you to read Ralph Lauren´s dressing guides, but the appropriate dimension of your outfit can cause a very good first impression.

A little fun is ok

Girls appreciate humor, when it is subtle. So if you find a way to delicately tease a woman while you go out with her, she´ll paradoxically feel flattered that you found something about herself that is charmingly funny. Of course, it can´t be something rude, or cruel, or touching sensitive topics (mimicking her eating large amounts of food, for example), but if you find the right thing she can recognize without feeling embarrassed, she´ll be marveled about how perceptive and endearing you are.

Please grow beyond beers

Girls drink beer too, that´s for sure. But they also like to enjoy a different range of beverages and cocktails that show a more delicate taste for alcohol than the one displayed by an average man. That´s why they appreciate a guy who also has a taste for a good variety of drinks (and we don´t mean the same pinkish/tropical cocktails that are trendy among women). A whisky on the rocks, a fine glass of red wine, a vodka mix… there are plenty of options you can try to find what you like and does not break the mood of an elegant dinner (naturally, your pint of home-brewed beer is not something you need to give up – just leave it for appropriate occasions).

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