The Friend zone

Thu, 05/30/2013 - 19:42 -- jcartwright

Bitter Truth

Sometimes there is no way to leave the friend zone. Reality has certain harsh realities that we all have to accept and one of these is that we do not all want to bone everyone. Sometime people are attractive to us and sometimes they aren’t. Nothing to be done about it. If this is the case then there’s no point in all your twisting and squirming about. You’re just going to have to accept things. No matter how many times you make someone dinner, don’t expect them to want to climb into bed with you.

Nicer Truths

Barring cases where it wasn’t meant to be, being in the friend zone is not always an incurable ailment. Fortunately, sometimes it is your fault and that means you can do something about it. So, what are you doing wrong?

You’re too nice! Yeah, you heard me right. Stop returning all the calls as soon as you get them. Wait a few days; you’re not the dry cleaning service. You are an item, something worth having. Don’t be there at the drop of a hat. You are not a hat-picker-upper.

Beat them to the punch! Tell them all you want is friend ship; make as though you feel they might have been casting lustful glances your way. In essence you’re rejecting them, and there’s nothing like rejection to fan the flames of passion.

Bring sex up in conversation, nonchalant like, like a ninja… talk about what you like, past partners. The point is to get them looking at you in a sexual light. Perhaps you will notice a quickening in their breath, a reddening bloom upon their cheeks?

Talk about people you find attractive who you see when you’re out with your friend. Point them out. If you’re lucky, your friend might get annoyed. Tell them to stop being jealous and that they’re good looking too…

Are you being needy? Do you constantly have feelings that you want to talk about? Issue to discuss? Are you always asking for your friend’s opinion on serious matters? Stop. Be light, flippant—treat them like they’re nothing special for them to think of you as something special.

Break the Touch Barrier

The touch barrier is simply this: the natural unspoken agreement between friends that certain parts of the body are not touched. Break this agreement. Of course don’t try to feel them up… but stroke their hair, let your hand brush theirs. The way they react will tell you a lot about how they feel about you.

So you did all that?

Well, if you’re still in the friend zone… there’s not much to do about it.

(I know, you were expecting something else… sorry, that’s just the way it is…)

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