Public Displays of Affection Approved By Men

Sat, 04/07/2012 - 16:17 -- amber

Men are the worst about acting like they don’t know who you are in public even if you have been dating for a year. There is just something about public displays of affection that make men sick. They don’t like it, think it’s cheesy and will never initiate it. As women, that drives us absolutely crazy. Why aren’t they proud to show us off? Are they mad at us? These questions occur every time you’re in public with your man. However, there is certain gestures that men are okay with.

While holding hands in public may be your man’s biggest nightmare, there are alternatives to hand holding that men actually enjoy. The old arm link is a form of affection displays that men love. Linking your arm in between his is pretty old school, however men like it because they feel good knowing you feel safe around them. It’s casual, comforting and hey, the world is still completely aware that you two are together.

Another way to get your man to show you some love in public is the casual whisper. Whispering into your man’s ear (no matter what you are saying) is sexy. It also shows the bond that you two have with each other. Nothing draws a man in more than whispering into his ear. It could also lead to some other things later, while you two are in private. ;)

You can also have a little fun with public displays of affection. After all, men are all about having a good time, especially with their significant other. Walking up behind him and pinching his butt (in a normal, unobvious way) or giving his butt a little grab is a good way to show your man some love in public. Men love the “butt grab” because its playful, and it shows them that you can’t keep your hands off of him.

When showing your man how much you want be close to him - right here and right now - subtle is always the key. It’s the little things that men enjoy when they are out with you. Making out in public is never okay, but a little butt grab is.

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