Possessiveness or Suffocation: There's A Thin Line Between Cute Possessiveness and Caging

Thu, 07/19/2012 - 22:57 -- maiya

Possessiveness, how much the word seems complicated while reading, the real life implication of this word is far more complicated that just reading it out! Have you ever talked to the couples who have been frapped with the complications of possessiveness? Of course, the word is the foundation of any love story but people soon forget that it is even the foundation of many fights eventually transforming into breakups. If we demonstrate the conditions of couples nowadays, many of them are in the relationship just for the heck of it! Why is that so? Why is either of the partners not happy with the relationship?

The reason is mainly because nowadays we have forgotten the difference between possessiveness and suffocating the partner. Possessiveness should strictly not be only associated with girlfriends. However, their way of showing their true love for their boyfriends is through possessiveness. On the other hand, feeling insecure and restricting the girlfriends from doing particular things are the way how boyfriends show their possessiveness towards their girlfriends. The jealousy factor is definitely present in both the sex though the way of demonstrating the same feelings is different.

Trust is the biggest and the most important factor on which a relationship should lay its foundation on. Where the trust factor penetrates in any relationship, the fine line between possessiveness and caging is visible to both the partners. Imposing things on your partners and then fighting over things which they failed to do so would only make them feel the captives of some kind of jail. However, if the same situation is repeated with a gentler way with a tinge of love and care in it, this would not only prevent them from doing things that are forbidden but would also make them realize how much you care about them.

Had it been so simple to be in a relationship, the word breakup would never have been existent in any dictionary. The couples should realize how important it is to grope your partner to yourself but at the same time it is equally important not to impose things on them and rather let them live their lives accordingly till they are within the boundaries of ethics. Making your partner realize how bad you feel if he talks to any girl with much love and affection would make them leave the entire world for you.

Possessiveness is definitely important for any relationship as it bounds you with your partner but once it gets beyond the limit, it becomes duty and the person feels captivated.

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Maiya Hashmi