Compatibility Doesn't Always Lead to Happy Endings

Fri, 03/09/2012 - 20:10 -- amber

Every one of us has our own definition of love. For some, love can be the most bittersweet emotion one can feel while love is the sweetest yet toughest adventure one can have in his entire lifetime for others.

But whatever we may think love is, one thing is for sure. Love is complicated. Love is easy to feel but hard to describe. You may not see it but it's there because you can feel it!

However, one thing is more complicated than love. This is finding one's true love. Oh sure individuals do meet many people in a day! But you'll never know when would the right one come in front of you and knock you out of your senses. There's always that one person meant for another and finding out who that person is makes it more mysterious.

In our journey of love, we often look for someone who is similar to us in a way. Someone we share the same likes and dislikes with. In short, someone you are compatible with. But is compatibility really the key to finding one's true happiness? I really guess not.

Oh yes, it is so easy to fall for someone you are compatible with. You can talk about so many and argue on fewer things. But when your relationships are put into a test, this is where compatibility usually never works out. You both share same interests and the possibility will tell you that most likely you'll both have similar way of handling uneasy situations. There's just no one who would give in.

Love is not only about appreciating one's own similarities but it is also about understanding one's own differences. This is the very thing that makes love stronger. It's okay to have arguments on some things because of your differences. This could actually make you grow and learn respect for personality clashes. This can also lead to change, which is a good thing if it would bring out the best on both of you.

Going out with a person you share many differences with is really not a bad idea. It's even like eating an ice cream with so many flavours and toppings. So why settle for the same flavour as yours, if you can enjoy new flavours?

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Amber Hoffman

I am writer and editor at Bedroom Stories online magazine, writing about sexual relationships and better understanding our lives. Feel free to contact me at [email protected]