Cheating Is Wrong!

Tue, 01/24/2012 - 00:16 -- amber

Cheating in a relationship is a controversial subject where main opinions center around why cheating is wrong. When someone cheats, it usually means they’re dissatisfied with some aspect within their relationship; whether it is intimacy, feeling desired, or being bored with the monotony of sleeping with the same person.

If someone is completely in love and totally happy within the relationship they have, they will not go through the trouble of jeopardizing that love and happiness for a five minute fling with the hottie next door. We’ve gathered information and opinions from all corners of the web to bring you reasons why cheating in a relationship is NOT okay!

  • When you first enter into a relationship, the decision to become an exclusive pair hasn’t been made yet; but assuming it’s an average relationship and you both are compatible, the monogamy will ensue after about a month of knowing each other. This means commitment, bonding, and above all, trust. The love card is also a possibility that could hinder your prospective desire to cheat on your mate.

    When you’ve developed a relationship that seems to withstand the elements of life, cheating on your mate is breaking the unspoken vow of compatibility. Suddenly, you’ve broken your spouse’s heart by jumping into someone else’s bed and at the time, it may have seemed completely justified to you. Then the worst case scenarios take hold and you’re left without a booty call and without the commitment and trust in your relationship; all for a few sessions of sexual pleasure.

  • When people are in a relationship for a long time, it’s a natural reaction to think your partner is as happy as you are. Assumption can lead to deterioration of the relationship, as well as conditions that create a chronic cheater. This is a case of cheating being the fault of both parties involved in the relationship because there’s an obvious lack of communication. Maybe you’ve gotten married, had kids, and found yourself in a slump with a partner who is too busy working to notice you’ve slipped into a routine.

    Although communication is an essential part of a happy relationship, sleeping around is a poor excuse for lack of ‘talk.’ Some people don’t even try to remedy their relationship with discussion before they jump into the bed of their bar buddy. This can send a long-term relationship or marriage into a faster downward spiral that can leave both people feeling wounded and deceived.

  • All negative emotions aside, cheating can be dangerous; especially if the cheater becomes addicted to the rush of sleeping around with multiple people. Physically, your health is put at risk each time you have sex outside a monogamous relationship, due to lack of protection and dangers of sexually transmitted diseases. 1 in every 5 people has an STD and cheating is the equivalent of playing Russian roulette with your health and the health of the unsuspecting partner waiting at home.

    The biggest argument here is, “I always use protection!” However, condoms and spermicide won’t protect you against everything. Nothing is 100% effective; if you are trusting enough to realize your partner isn’t cheating and infecting you, then you should be trustworthy enough to refrain from cheating, as well.

Cheating in a relationship is usually a spontaneous event caused by something negative and misunderstood occurring over a longer period of time. Some people think that cheating is inevitable, particularly for men, but everyone has self-control. Another theory that is used to justify cheating is, “We’re not monogamous beings.” Yes, but if you’re grown-up enough to be in an adult relationship, you’re evolved enough to control your lust-related urges.

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