Bond with Partner at a Hectic Schedule: Easy as 1-2-3

Wed, 07/24/2013 - 23:20 -- amber

Women nowadays had embraced a working career. Gone were the days when women stays at home and learn cross-stitching. Now, having a job is the most practical option for women.

With these, they tend to preoccupy themselves more at their work and less with their partners. Worse, at a very tight and hectic schedule, women may no longer have the time to be spent alone with their partners. This is usually the cause of break-ups for many.

However, with motivation, this can be changed. The time you are at most hectic with your schedule, would be the perfect time for you to show your extra attention to your partner to strengthen your connection as a couple. Here are three things that you may try out to have that so called time together:

  1. Speed dating

    Speed dating means going out together for a quick drink or meal during breaks especially on lunch or dinner. This would give each other the perception that no matter how busy your day might be, you would still have time for him and that your day would be more meaningful if you spend just a little time with him within a day.

  2. Ensure a day together within a week

    Despite the hectic schedule, always make it to a point that you both keep a day of your week free at the same time for you to catch up with the moments you were so busy and engrossed with your job. This is also the perfect time to enjoy and cherish every minute you are together since the next days would be as busy as it could get. This is the only moment wherein you two can relax and cuddle up.

  3. Wake up early

    Most importantly, wake up early, not to prepare for work but for you to have time together before work. Having time together may include cuddling, talking, massaging and any other acts that involve the both of you. About 20 minutes before you usually prepare for work is enough to give each other feeling of closeness before you go on different streets for work.

These three steps are so easy to read but it takes the motivation and determination of both couple to make these steps work. If you want to make your relationships work even at your busiest day, these steps would really come in handy

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