Gay Love: Wrong or Right?

Sat, 07/20/2013 - 11:40 -- amber

Gay relationships, gay marriages and gay couples have been the subjects of controversy for a very long time. I wasn't aware of such things as I was growing up but I started to learn more about them when I realized that one of my good friends ended up confessing that he was gay. At first, I felt weird after hearing him confess things to me. I wanted to ask when it started, what he felt, how it happened and why he became the way he is. However, I decided to hold my tongue as I do not have the right to ask such questions especially not from a good friend. I was a bit aloof with him as suddenly, our relationship became awkward. It became more awkward when the next thing we met, he brought his lover with him. I was uneasy as they became affectionate with each other in front of me. I have never been exposed to such a thing before thus, my uncomfortable feeling. Perhaps the only good thing was at the end of the day, I still thought of him as a good friend of mine and that I do not have the right to judge him. Unfortunately, not all people are like me.

As they were being affectionate to each other, I saw some glances being thrown down at our table. Apparently, not all people accept gay love like I do. I even saw some of them whispering as they looked at us. Some were even laughing. We probably looked like an odd crowd as I was one woman eating in one table with a gay couple in front of me. I was ashamed at first but in the end, I started forgetting that I should mind at all. Where I live, the population of gay people isn't a measly amount. I see a gay person almost every day. It is hard to ignore that they exist. It is hard to argue that gay love exist as well. Unfortunately, because I live in a very religious country with the Catholic church being as powerful as the government, gay people tend to overpowered and often neglected. It is sad that gay people don't have much freedom here but I guess because of our traditional ways, it will take time before the people here will embrace the existence of gay people. Gay relationships are judged while gay marriages are forbidden. Gay people are overall criticized for being different.

There is nothing wrong with gay love. In my opinion, we all have our own choices to choose whatever our sexual orientation will be. Nobody has the right to dictate if we should be male or female or otherwise. Nobody has the right to tell us who we should and shouldn't love. Gay love is a big taboo in my country but fortunately, it isn't in other countries. Gay love is encourage in some countries and gay marriages are even legal in some of them. I don't understand why people hate gay people and gay love. Maybe it is because they are different from regular people or perhaps their relationships are not the norm. But gay or not, everybody has the right to be happy. Gay love or not, everybody needs someone to love and why would we deny gay people of that? We don't have the right to do that. Nobody should think so otherwise. Is gay love, right or wrong? The choice is up to you.

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Amber Hoffman

I am writer and editor at Bedroom Stories online magazine, writing about sexual relationships and better understanding our lives. Feel free to contact me at [email protected]