The Men to Watch Out For

Mon, 01/30/2012 - 21:55 -- amber

When we begin dating as young teenagers, our mothers are quick to tell us what kind of boys we are supposed to stay away from. But what about when we are older? Is there some sort of handbook that lists guys to avoid? Well, there is now.

First, there is the work-a-holic man that is only dating his BlackBerry. He may appear successful, attractive, smart and overall a good catch - and he is. However, this man is no where near ready for commitment and cannot provide you with the quality time you need to build a long term relationship.

Second, we have the unemployed man that is “in between jobs.” Just to give you a heads up, “in between jobs” means he’s more than likely just unemployed and not very ambitious. Beware of this guy, he could turn into a moocher who is only into you so you can support the both of him

That leads us to the attractive, fun man we met at a bar last weekend. This guy has a steady career, but he is still stuck in his college lifestyle. This guy is fixable, however, it’ll take work. This forever frat-boy has his own place, with Budweiser neon lights everywhere and Dorito crumbs all over the floor. He’s hanging on to his twenties with all he has.

Next, we have the married man. This man will say he is single, but then come to find out, him and his wife are actually just “separated.” If he’s not full-on, legally divorced then stay away. Need I say more?

Lastly, we have the recently divorced, vulnerable men. They seem like a good idea since they are latching on to any form of a relationship with a woman. These men really need time to heal, and are only going to spend dates with you comparing you to his ex-wife.

I believe every man has the potential to commit to a healthy relationship. However, timing is everything. These men need time to either mature, figure out what they want or grieve.

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Amber Hoffman

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