Perfect Date

Perfect Date

Wed, 08/01/2012 - 01:21 -- maiya

Happiness and a good understanding are the two things every individual is searching for in their relationship. The “X” factor that just cannot be explained but makes one feel like everything is just as it was supposed to be. How does one come to know that the person they are interested in is perfect for them?

Or maybe if that person is - The One, with whom they can have a life long relationship. For some it is a calculation of pros and cons of their partner and for others it is just a simple matter of what feels right. But, before we come to the matter of decision there is one phase which plays a significant role in every relationship. This is the dating phase. This is a phase where one can put all their fantasies to test. It decides how the relationship might pan out and for most people is the most significant step in judging how they feel for each other. It is like a risky investment of your feelings. The partner who has to plan the date is also under a lot of pressure to get it just right. To make sure that it is possible to express their interest in the other person and at the same time try to get a good picture of their personality painted.

So what exactly does a perfect date comprise of?

  • A fun activity for the perfect date: this should show the person what you like to do for fun, which can be anything from go karting to a horse ride down the park.
  • Dinner: let’s face it, good food makes everyone happy and is the recipe for success in a perfect date
  • Good humor: the best way to put another person at ease
  • Good manners: opening the door and pulling out the chair are the small efforts that make an individual’s personality sparkle
  • Last but most important, a long walk or drive home: after your date has established his/her comfort zone with you this is the best time to let them open up about themselves.

The most important thing to remember for the perfect date is to be yourself. After all, you want the person to like you for who you are rather that according to how much you tipped the waiter. The only way to ensure a good time is to remain attentive and have fun. Be spontaneous. Be natural.

That’s the key. If you feel like doing something out of the ordinary like having caramel popcorn on your way home don’t hesitate. Just make sure the other person realizes how much you value the time you spend with them. If it is meant to work it will automatically fall into place. Make the person know the real you. Make them comfortable in your presence and let them feel that you are completely at ease with them. Holding hands is the best way you can make your partner comfortable. Just give them a time they’ll cherish and never forget.

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Maiya Hashmi