How to Be Irresistible to Men?

Tue, 06/26/2012 - 10:41 -- amber

If couple were the times when you attempted to talk to a guy you like and it turned out to be an epic fail after him walking past you, then it’s time to learn the subtle but sure moves to be irresistible.

Being irresistible means boosting up your physical and nonverbal way of talking to guys. In here, we’ll be giving you 2 most important tips to learn how to become the girl she can’t resist looking at and even the GIRL HE MUST TALK TO!

Choose a Perfect Dress for You

Perfect dress doesn’t mean wearing clothes that are in today. In perfect dress, you are to wear clothes that surely suit you and those that give you personality. First rule for this is “AVOID WEARING ALL BLACK!” Though some may think all black is elegant and sophisticated, not all men are into black. Most men think that women wearing mostly black are women who don’t have personality. We don’t want that do we?

Also, start showing your shoulders. Showing some skin gives men something to be interested in, giving you that second look. However, showing some skin must not be to the extent that you are showing skin more than what is necessary. This will give you a bitchy image! Be careful! Showing off your shoulders with sleeveless or spaghetti straps blouses may do this trick. When you happen to look at a guy eye to eye in this clothing, lean shrug your shoulders forward to make them more magnetized.

Be challenging

Don’t be too stiff and uncomfortable when men are showing interest to you. Instead, make him feel you are comfortable and can handle the situation well. Allow him to do “the moves”. This can be expressed first by the way you hold your glass for a drink. Uncomfortable women usually hold them with two hands as close as possible to the body. Looks uneasy right? Now, why don’t you practice holding it comfortably? Always remember, no shaking of hands.

Next, always leave a half finished advancing from men. This gives them a challenge to do their best to get your attention. This also gives them the perception that you are different. You are not the typical bitchy type of girl who goes with the flow and favors flirtations while not marking you as the conservative type.

Irresistibility is on how you handle yourself in that awkward moment when you do gestures for you to be talked to by men. If you had mastered these three tips, then that moment would no longer be awkward but enjoyable.

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