Habits That Turn Him Off

Sat, 03/17/2012 - 00:31 -- amber

Surprisingly, women can do a plethora of things that drive men crazy - and not in a good way. Yes, all men think about is sex, however, not whenever your annoying habits get in the way. Watch out for a few things that can turn a man off.

While most women were born to clean, there becomes a certain point where cleaning excessively is not okay with a guy. They appreciate it when women clean their houses every once in while, however, it becomes a problem whenever you start picking up after him every day and doing his laundry - things only his mother normally does.

Men are completely fine with leaving a few belongings at their house. After all, they do want you to stay the night there. However, bringing along your entire closet and shoe collection is hardly their idea of “a few belongings.” This frustrates a man and makes him feel like your stuff is taking over his life.

Stealing the remote and taking control over the TV is also another big turn off for a man. Yes, Gossip Girl is important and it is new this week, however, there’s probably literally a million other things that a man would rather watch besides a teenaged soap opera.

Men do think its cute and sexy when you wear their t-shirts or other button ups, however, don’t take this as an invitation to use ALL of their things. Using your guy’s razor to shave your legs or his toothbrush is a definite pet peev of most guys. They’d like to swap spit with you in other ways.

The key ingredient to turning a man off is invading their space. They love to spend time with you to a certain extent. If you’re in his face and his business too much, it’s only going leave him angry. Sure, come clean his house once a month, because we all know it’s probably disgusting. Leave some toiletries at his house and maybe an outfit here and there, but not your whole entire closet. Just be aware of the space you are giving your man!

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