First Date

Sat, 06/02/2012 - 00:12 -- maiya

Let the tranquility overcome your anxiety, as we’re here to unravel all your apprehensions regarding your first date! First dates heebie-jeebies are quite normal but would you like to spoil your date because of the increasing nervousness and butterflies emerging all over your body?

Holding hands, general talks, roadside walks and stomach churning terrors would certainly not let you hold back your horses. So here we are to deliver some of the best tips helping you making your first date the successful one!

Selection of the place for your first date

Always choose the place that makes you and your partner comfortable. Do not choose any place that becomes a hindrance for you to indulge with your partner as this would be your partner’s first date as well. However, the place should also match your personality being not too loud and not too quiet additionally. A place that compliments both of you will serve as a best spot.

Be sensible about your clothing

When you look good, you feel better. Clothes always play an important part in depicting your personality. Your partner doesn’t expect you to look seductive but at the same time you are certainly not expected to look distasteful! Wear presentable clothes and look charming. This would enhance your personality and will make your first impression on your date, a good one! It goes well by saying; “if you’ve got it, flaunt it”

Be very careful about your actions and body language!

Don’t let anxiety ruin your first date. Since first date jitters are very common, think about how you would depict yourself in front of your partner to make a decent impression. Remember actions speak louder than words, so be very careful about how you exchange dialogues and viewpoints with your date. You should stay dedicated and listen to what your partner has to speak. Do not stroll your eyes or yawn giving them an impression of boredom. Biting lips and rubbing hands in the state of anxiety would honestly do no good! Show them you are interested. Be it an ongoing story of his never ending football match or how her cat purrs in her lap. Listen, Period.

Think about how you start the conversation

Do not start conversations regarding your exes! It’s always better to enquire a person in order to know how your partner is as it is your first date. Don’t intrude while your date is talking as it would be against the very etiquettes. Chemistry is something that could make relations successful or could do vice versa. This is the perfect time to know about it. Always start off with a common topic or a topic of their choice. You never know you got yourself a partner who loves talking and maybe you can be their subtle half.

First dates are not calamities as some people believe. It’s the first step towards the beginning of a forever happy living! Enjoy your first date as your partner could turn out to be your life partner as well!

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