Decoded: Men Hand Gestures

Fri, 03/09/2012 - 20:42 -- amber

Who says men are only smooth talkers? Men are so expert in the field of flirtation that they actually were able to master many techniques to get the girl they wanted. One of this is the art of speaking nonverbally. No words; No sounds—just body language!

Look at a man closely. Observe him and you will see that men commonly does things to flirt with someone. They believe it doesn’t only take words to get a girl. But it also needs smooth moves. And commonly, they let their hands talk instead.

In this article, 4 of these hand gestures would be decoded.

  1. It’s OK! Whenever, your guy seems to approve of something, he may not say it but his body language will tell you. Sometimes he will make that okay signs like touching his thumb and index fingers when he is enjoying your company. Try also watching how he positions his fingers as he rests his hand on a table. This will tell you if he likes your progress or not.

  2. I feel cocky! Sometimes, men feel overconfident that they try to overpower women in conversation. As a topic will be started, a signal sign can be unconsciously observed if men want to overwhelm you with his thoughts and sometimes forgetting to get your own thoughts. It would be best to observe him if he does touch fingertips to fingertips one by one. And the faster he touches it, the more cocky he feels. However, when he leaves a space between his hands, this means he is trying to compose himself from being to overconfident and giving you a chance to share your thoughts. Don’t underestimate this, and grab this opportunity to talk!

  3. You are making me upset. Men know that women are emotional and surely they don’t want to tell you upfront that they are upset by what you say. Unconsciously, they try to do things with their middle finger whenever they are. Most of the time, they try to scratch their finger on their chin. Best thing to do here is to ask an open ended question like, “Have I said something wrong?”

  4. I love you! Sometimes, men doesn’t want to express their feelings verbally. Surely, they want to tell you what they feel but at times they are tongue-tied and at loss for words. But don’t worry, even if they haven’t said that 3 magical words yet, decode this feeling by his hand gestures. Unknowingly, he raises his thumb index and little fingers in doing a very random action, especially when he is uneasy!

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