Dating: Some Ideas

Tue, 04/24/2012 - 00:11 -- jcartwright

People put themselves through a lot of pain when it comes to dating. Worry, angst and in general unnecessary dithering seem to come with dating. The truth is that people need to relax.

As anyone who stops to think a little will realize, if things are going to go well, then things are going to go well. If not, so be it. Having said so much, here are a few thoughts/ideas on and for dating.

Save Money! Eat in

There’s no cosmic law, so far as I am aware, that says you must go out to eat on a date. I think it’s much better not to. Cooking is a fun activity for two. It gives you something to do while you talk. Between eating in and going out, I always prefer to cook something.

Instead of Going to the Movies…

Alright so who actually takes their date to the movies anyways? Nobody… right? Well, if you do, unless you’re both cinephiles (one who loves the cinema), there are better choices. In fact, avoid all the usual places. If you want to show someone a good time, take them someplace special. Everyone has someplace that they think of as their own special spot, that they like to go to for thought or just to relax. Show someone that place; tell them why you like it. Between the typical and the personal, always choose the personal experience.


The conventional wisdom has it that a date is a two person affair and only a two person affair. Personally I always disagreed. Make sure, of course, that you clear it with the other person first. But it they agree, feel free then to invite an amusing friend to dine with you, or accompany you in whatever activities you have planned. The central premise of a date is that someone is trying to get to know you, and what better way to do so than by meeting one of your friends.

Do Something New

Do something new together, something neither of you has ever done before. This creates bonding. Really, science supports me on this one. Studies show that sharing new experiences helps individuals bond, to the point where couples that say they do new things together frequently stay together longer than those that get stuck in their routine. And what’s more, even if you’ve been dating for a while, doing something new together recreates the feeling of spontaneity and excitement in a new relationship! Be Kind The point of dating is to have a good time. You may not have found your soul mate and you may not want to go out on a second date. But while you are on your date you might as well try your best to enjoy it. I think this is the real secret to dating. Be flexible and patient, don’t let things get on your nerves and always, always be kind. Don’t let yourself get grumpy or quiet because your disappointed reality isn’t up to your expectations. This isn’t good for anyone or anything. Treat a person with dignity.

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