Dating Deal-breakers

Dating Deal-breakers

Fri, 01/20/2012 - 00:40 -- amber

When a guy doesn't call us after a date, we often sit at home to pick our brains and figure out what went wrong?

Women are prone to blaming the guy for having some sort of commitment issue, or we think he got lost in the Amazon for two years. What women don't necessarily realize, is that there are some certain factors in our lives that make us “undateable” to men. Be aware of these things, and keep them under control.

Obviously, if you are handling baggage from an old relationship of the past - you're undateable. If you are still struggling with that relationship and break-up emotionally, no guy is going to want to try to commit him self to you, when you are still clearly committed to a relationship that's long-gone. If you are trying to get over the old flame, by all means, still go out on dates. However, never bring up past relationships - they are in the past for a reason.

Guys also don't like girls who are into a lot of drama. If you are more involved with the lives of other people, instead of living your own life - you are undateable. Guys want a girl who is focused on their relationship, not every one else's relationship. Leave the drama at the door, don't bring it up in front of your man.

For men, their mommies still play an important role in their every day lives. A lot of men say that if their mom doesn't like you - you're undateable. Men usually have high respect for their mothers and their opinions. If you and mommy dearest aren't getting along, that's a problem for him. So always turn your charm on and smile, even if she isn't.

Surprisingly, men find themselves competing with Edward Cullen and other fantasy characters. If you are extremely obsessed with a fictional character and talk about it constantly - you're undateable. Men find this obsession very creepy and they don't want to feel like they have to compete with someone who isn't even real.

Surprisingly, there are certain fashion and beauty trends that are turn-offs for guys; some they find absolutely ridiculous. As usual, men also don't like a girl who is whiny and complains. So be aware of all your baggage, drama and creepy obsessions before you go on dates. We all have these things, but as long as we're not gushing about them to guys, we can still be eligible for relationships.

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