Common Dating Mistakes Men and Women Make

Common Dating Mistakes Men and Women Make

Tue, 06/26/2012 - 10:20 -- maiya

For most people some of their best and worst memories are associated with dating. One might think at the time that they’d been such a fool to have taken such a wrong step and if only they had known in advance how to avoid such dating mistakes, going out for them wouldn’t be such an apprehensive experience.

You don’t need Therapy!

Going out is therapy in itself, no matter how much of an introvert you are. And by remembering only a few rules of engagement, you can make your time out with a date worthwhile. Give your confidence level the boost it needs and avoid these few dating mistakes next time you go out. You know you’re making them!

Be honest but not hell-bent

No matter how run of the mill it sounds, this is probably the most common dating mistake ever made. You have to be honest with yourself and about yourself. Do not date a guy just to be nice to him and do not say anything just to impress a girl. Be honest about who you are and what you want out of a relationship but do not go over board as to start making 5 year plans on your first or second date! It should not all be about you, try finding a common ground and taking it from there. Being you is the key. Show them what you really are. Do not in any case wear a cloak of fakes as when this cloak comes off, the relationship shatters.

Do not dwell in the past

Eventually, there does come a time in a relationship where you open up your past dating experiences with your partner, but the first few dates is never the time for it, and a huge dating mistake. Take it as a disastrous attempt. As this mistake might just not get you more dates with that person. Rather than going over bad memories from the past—and making your date uncomfortable—be more interested in making new ones with the person you are currently dating. Talk about present, happy present and not dig out old graves.

Have a good time!

Broaden your horizons! Don’t think of dating as restricted to being at night or only in restaurants, or even with the specific type of people you think you can hang out with. Try saying yes to someone you otherwise thought was a no-match, you’d be surprised at what you might discover. It might help to think of your date as more than just a date and possibly a friend, and you might end up relating better. Be spontaneous and prompt in letting them know what you want.

The first few dates should really be more about assessment rather than commitment, not just your date but your own self as well. Take it easy and stop obsessing over little things and too much thinking about what your date might think. If you can figure out a way to counter these few things you’ll be well on your way to never make these dating mistakes ever again. Talk to friends and peers; ask for their opinions and experiences. And as the famous saying goes by “Learn from other people’s mistakes, you can’t live long to make them all by yourself”

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