Break the mold: a different first date

Break the mold: a different first date

Fri, 03/09/2012 - 20:03 -- amber

We all know that dinner and a movie is somewhat fun, but it's really not the ideal kind of date for getting to know someone. Plus, women are far more likely to get interested in a guy who sets up an original plan to go out!

If you go to the movies with a first-time date, you'll probably have 30 minutes while driving and buying the tickets to set a conversation between you two, before it's time to start being quiet and directing your eyes to the screen. Then you have dinner, but mouthing interesting words while eating gracefully limits the reach of your talk at a restaurant, so by the end of the day you might just feel the date was ok but you failed to truly make an impression. Avoiding this is simple: plan something that can turn out more original for her. There are a few things most women will enjoy, and some particular options depending on her personality and likes. Take a look at these suggestions, and try out the one that seems most appealing for your next date!

Take a stroll

If you happen to know the woman you'll ask out is an outdoors person, a nice walk through any beautiful landscape will be a great way to frame for your first conversations. The relaxed atmosphere of a quiet place, the difference that being closer to nature marks from daily life at the city, it will all sum up to smooth the talk and really enhance the opportunity of getting to know each other. Take the “M” word out of “Movie Theater”

It's hard to define exactly why, but there's a certain glamour about going out to see a play that there is just not to be found in a movie. A theater function is more sophisticated, gives much more subjects to talk about, allows you to share your impressions during intermission, and overall creates a mood of attractiveness that will last the whole evening. A first date at a nice theater, with a well-written, interesting play to enjoy, will send the message that you really went through some effort to make sure you spent a great first date together.

Give old and reliable picnics a chance

Find your favorite local park or a nice green landscape near the city: picnics are nothing new but they are rather overlooked by modern day daters. If you ask your date to share with you a well planned basket of goodies that you cooked at home (or at least, bought at a home-made bakery or gourmet food store), she might find your thoughtful -and attractive- side a bit faster.

Sailing away

Dates should above all things be fun, so our last suggestion at getting creative while choosing what to do in your first time out with a girl, is to simply play! Sailing motorized models of boats is great if you have a small river in town, but flying helicopters at the park can be just as entertaining. It sounds a bit childish, but it gives a lot of time to talk and helps to break the barrier of physical contact: you'll probably fool around with the remote controller while on the other's hand, whether it is to stir the boat in a different direction or save the chopper from flying straight into a tree. If you have a taste for more classical things (and this list is built on the idea than oldies are good options because almost nobody pays attention to them) you can go for the old flying kites scheme: perhaps it's even more romantic.

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