Blind Date Anxiety

Blind Date Anxiety

Mon, 08/20/2012 - 18:09 -- maiya

It is normal to feel little nervous and anxious when you go on a date or you start a new relationship. We human always feel little anxious and panicky whenever we meet new people especially those who are completely unknown to us. No matter how confident we are in real life, there is always this feeling on anxiety while meeting strangers.

We usually feel nervous whenever we go on first date. However, this nervousness and anxiety increase when we have to go on a date with a complete stranger. Such dates are popularly known as a “blind date”, where we meet a person who is not known to us and in such case anxiety is normal. Though, too much anxiety can be overpowering which will result in too much worry, panic attacks and ultimately making the whole blind date unpleasant and hard to enjoy.

The anxiety is natural when it comes to blind date because there are so many good but mostly bad stories about it which we get to hear in our daily life. But as it is said not all five fingers are same likewise not all blind dates are same. Some of the blind dates don’t have a great end but there are also the blind dates that are just near to fantasy which have happily ever after ending. Like there is a solution for every problem, there are ways to go on blind date, enjoy the blind date, start the conversation in blind date and overcome the anxiety to make the blind date successful. The concept of blind date is very interesting and can be very exciting too. However, you need to take some measures while going on a date with a person whom you found on an online dating website or a mutual friend is the reason behind the whole arrangement, to make the whole experience fun and most importantly safe.

Decide the time and place of meeting via an email or through telephone and exchange the pictures of each other so that you can identify your date easily. Always remember that person should like you the way you are, so don’t make up your attitude according to the view of other people but always be yourself and build up the bounding by knowing about each other through casual chats. But before going on a blind date, try to find out as much information about this person as possible like what kind of a person he/she is, what they like, what topics they find interesting and what things make them feel boring.

Pick up an outfit that depicts your personality and is appropriate for the blind date. Select a place for the date where you feel comfortable and can have a plenty of time to chat with your date in order to know him/her well. Choosing a romantic dinner for blind date is not a very good idea, neither is the idea of going for concert or a movie. Don’t get too friendly on your first blind date, just relax and be humble.

Always be careful about what you are sharing about yourself and to what extent. It is better to avoid talking about the relationships that you had in past on a first date. Don’t throw too much information about yourself. Be a good listener too and allow your blind date partner to have an equal opportunity of speaking and telling about their interests and stories. You can talk about weather, food, movies, and bands with your date. These topics are not only easy to start but it also gives you an idea of things which are common in you guys. You can also be little flirtatious and playful on first date.

Don’t share a kiss on first date, always say good bye in a neutral way and be thankful to your date for their time and making the whole date so nice. If you think you guys have connected somewhere, don’t hesitate to exchange phone numbers or email addresses for further meetings. Meeting new people is always fun regardless of the end result, so always be positive and be prepare it will not only reduce your anxiety level but will make you look confident as well.

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