A dangerous moment: the first kiss with a new date

A dangerous moment: the first kiss with a new date

Mon, 01/30/2012 - 21:37 -- amber

A major mistake is to think every woman likes to be kissed in the same way

If you haven't dated (and kissed) an incredibly number of girls so far, it is most natural that you will feel some doubts about initiating a kiss with a woman for the first time. If you're reading this article, it's probably because you are aware of the importance of doing things right. Then again, we must start with the simpler things to get the whole background of this issue: Is kissing someone new really a big deal?

Unless you are planning on perfect kissing someone just for one time, and giving up any prospect of building a relationship with her, it is definitely a big deal. A kiss is your first approach to that physical bound that hopefully will grow strong between both of you as time goes by. When you kiss your date and she enjoys it as much as you do, you walk through an imaginary door that sets you right in the middle of beyond-dating-land: the place where you can aim toward long term interaction with her –which is no guarantee that a relationship will start, but it is indeed a necessary first step.

It takes two to kiss

Maybe you have some kissing technique in your mind, something you tried before with another girl and has really worked for you. It's perfectly ok that you already have a kissing style, but you must never attempt to impose it to a woman you are kissing for the first time. She naturally has her own preferred way of perfect kissing, and you have to start really slow so you can both have time to adjust to each other's style. It's rather preferable that you don't use your tongue at all during those first times: just pay attention to any small movement her lips make, and as both of you grow aware of such movements you'll know what to expect from the other and the response of your lips will start to be natural.

Close, all the time

There are many different positions which you may adopt for kissing someone for the twentieth time, but since we are focusing in first kisses, it is advisable to stay with the usual face to face closeness. A great way of increasing the feeling of bond created by a kiss is to use one of your hands to hold her back and pull her gently towards you, while the other hand embraces her hair from behind. However, be sure you don't spend all the time in the same gesture; your hands can feel around her head with caresses, and that's also true for your lips: kissing is not limited to the mouth, and many women enjoy when you smoothly play with the areas around neck and ears, for instance.

Be confident about it

No one has a recipe for perfect kissing, but in order for your date to have a nice experience you must be confident enough to enjoy it yourself. Relax and be positive about it.

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