What's Your Number

Sun, 05/27/2012 - 16:06 -- zena

In the 2011 movie of the same title, Anna Faris tries to discover whether or not the number of men you have slept with can actually deter your chances of ever finding Mr. Right. Apparently, sleeping with more than 10 men can harm your chances of ever getting hitched as the number will determine whether a woman should be taken seriously by their partner or not. Watching the movie gave me an idea.

Although I cannot and will not be able to test the theory myself, I believe asking others can help find out more about this topic. I have asked my friends who are recently in a relationship but have had many other failed relationships in the past, what it was like to tell their new partner of their pasts. Not all of them had positive answers. While some said that they would rather not talk about their past to their partners, some have agreed not to talk about it anymore as it was time to move on and start anew. Others who were more open to their partners, told them how many men they have slept with but in exchange, their partners needed to tell them as well. They said that some of them who heard that their partners slept with more than 20 women surprised them. The fact baffled them that men can sleep with a lot of women without being judged or branded in end while for women; it’s a totally different thing. Most women who have slept with many men are often called whores, sluts or promiscuous without even trying to find out what lies beneath.

It is hurtful for women to find out that they are being called names but what is more hurtful is the fact that others were quick to judge them without knowing all the facts. They did not know that some of these women are insecure of themselves which is why they seek the company of different men every time because they want to feel that they are beautiful. Some women also are picky. Like eating a meal, some women are picky eaters. They might like a certain man now but after sleeping with him, she might just move on to the next one. While others are afraid of commitment especially what comes along with it. The marriage, the wedding, the baby blues, the career halt and so many other things are often being considered inside the mind of a woman. There are many things to be considered first before plunging into something so serious. There are many underlying reasons as to why women sleep with many men and I think whether they choose to settle or not, it is up to them. It is their lives to live after all. But in a conservative country, perhaps it might not be such a good idea. Cultures forbid us to do many things. It often restricts us and the idea of a woman sleeping with multiple partners is considered taboo in some parts of the world.

Unfortunately, some women who choose this kind of lifestyle are considered very difficult prey to catch. Although some men want them, others despise them and feel that they are dirty and unworthy to become their girlfriends or wives. That is the reality of living in a modern society that is still bound to its past traditions. I think women who have slept with many men though will have very little problem finding Mr. Right in more liberated and open minded countries.

As I believe that they will not be discriminated in such places. If you are a woman who has slept with more than 10 men, cheer up! It’s not the end of the world. If you really want to settle go for it. Do not let your past hinder you from what you truly want in life. Sometimes we think too much about petty things without realizing that if we don’t do something now then the moment will just pass us by.

Do not let your chances and your opportunities just say goodbye. It doesn’t matter whether you are promiscuous or not, what matters most is that when you finally settle, live a new life. Whether you find Mr. Right or not, it doesn’t matter. Better to focus on Mr. Right Now instead.

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