The Dilemma Of One Night Stands

Tue, 06/26/2012 - 10:38 -- zena

You just woke up wearing nothing. You are lying in a bed that isn't yours. You are in a room that is unfamiliar to you. You look around, not wanting to move from where you are while you try hard to recall the events that happened to you the day before. Then you realize that you drank so much last night and got picked up by someone, another one night stand has happened to you and you are now naked and alone in a place that isn't yours. Finally, you get out of bed and get your clothes on, you run to the front door, careful not to scare or surprise anyone. As you get home, you start hating yourself because you promised yourself to stop sleeping around with everyone as you do not want to be branded as a whore but you realize it is easier said than done. Oh, the dilemma of multiple one night stands!

What are the worst case scenarios of being in one night stands? You have a one night stand and then you accidentally find out after a week or two later that your period is delayed and that you are pregnant. Guess you should have thought of safe sex when you were having your moment with your boy toy. You wouldn't want to get stuck with a person that you just met for the rest of your life do you? That's just torture. What if you suddenly found out that because of multiple partners, you acquired a kind of sexually transmitted disease. Wouldn't that be a bummer? There are many ways on how a one night stand can go wrong but we all know that such a lifestyle is not for everyone. Whether you choose to have one night stands or not, safe sex should always be practiced at all cost. It will probably help you in many ways. Whether it is to prevent getting a sexually transmitted disease or to avoid being impregnated by someone that you barely even know, it will somehow help narrow down the bad things that can happen in one night stands.

For experienced people who know what its like to have one night stands often, they probably know everything there is to know about such a lifestyle. They party, they hook up, they have sex, they might or might not hook up again, no strings attached. In short, life is easy for them. Sometimes though such a lifestyle can be tiring as everything becomes a routine and due to its repetitiveness, some people just want to give it up. The carnal desires of people who have this lifestyle all get fulfilled however, the emotional aspect of being in a steady and stable relationship will forever be lacking. As people get older, they look for companionship or if not, relationships. Why bother being cool in front of everyone to impress them and pretend that your life is perfect when you can always do what you want and just be happy? I think I will never be able to keep up with such a fast paced lifestyle. Multiple one night stands is just not for me.

Some people have one night stands not because they want to but they have to. If they want to be in and have friends who pressure them to follow what they think is cool then they have no choice but to sleep around. While some people are just too promiscuous and need to have the itch scratched almost every day thus, the frequent one night stands. If you only think of the benefits that sex can give you then you will never fully understand how risky one night stands are. The only advice I can give anyone is that before they ever think of having a one night stand with anyone, they should be ready for the consequences of their actions and know what plan of action to do in case something goes wrong with it. As I always say, it is better to be safe than sorry.

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