Ladies Confessions: Enjoying Japanese Food In An Erotic Way

Sat, 06/16/2012 - 21:08 -- zena

One night, my boyfriend was visiting me at my place and I felt like I wanted to surprise him. Before he arrived, I already ordered some Japanese food and it arrived the same time that he did. I gave him a welcome kiss and told him to sit on the couch while watching TV as I went to the kitchen to prepare our dinner. When it was ready, I told him to go to the bedroom where I had purposedly prepared the food. The food was aligned on the edge of the bed and next to it was me. I was sitting down naked when he sat down on the other side. He had a surprised look on his face when I got the chopsticks and started feeding him. He eyed me with curiosity as he looked at the food eagerly. I felt like he was anticipating more but I was trying to ebb my excitement as well.

After a few minutes of eating some tuna sashimi, salmon sashimi and California maki, I was already feeling stuffed. Now, all I could ever think of was making love to him all night long. I could see that he was still a bit hungry so I thought of a way to satisfy his hunger and my lust at the same time. I picked a piece of sashimi and placed it in one of my nipples. His eyes had a wicked glint in them as he looked at me hungrily. Suddenly, I was the meal. He bent down, licking my nipple as he sucked on it a bit. I bit my lower lip as I closed my eyes. We did the same thing for my other nipple and it felt orgasmic enough already.

He laid me down on the bed and put two California rolls on my nipples and placed a trail of tuna sashimi between my breasts down to my navel. Teasingly, he placed a pink salmon sashimi on my wet sex and waited for what will happen next. It took him a long time to finish everything and did not dare to give me a piece. I was trying hard not to move as he languidly moved his tongue on my heated flesh. I stiffled a moan as I shuddered inwardly. As his hot mouth and his hot breath reached my sex, it clenched uncontrollably. He spilled some sauce on it which managed to lick the dripping parts from the sides of my sex. As he ate with slow precision, he smiled at me. I moaned with delight. He couldn't help but say that it was the best salmon sashimi he has ever had especially since it had unlimited sauce that came with it. I moaned some more as he kissed me down there and placed his fingers inside me. It was one of the best foreplays I've ever had. I came so hard so many times, I lost count already.

Seeing me wet and ready for him, he unbuttons his shirt and takes off his pants as he eagerly wants to get it on. But before he plunged deep inside me, he wanted a little bit of action as well. I cupped his balls as I licked the tip of his erection tentatively. I looked at him as I firmly held on to it and placed his thickness inside my mouth. He closed his eyes and groaned. I went down on him to return the favor. After a few minutes of doing so, he was already too aroused to think of anything else. Leaving behind the mess we have made, he grabs me and pushes me to the bed and takes me from behind doggy style. I couldn't help but moan as he spanks my behind lovingly and declares how much of a bad girl I've been. His pace was slow at first then it built up to a steady pace. It got mind blowing as he quickened it. Our bodies were filled with sweat and we smelled like Japanese food everywhere. The thought of us having sex in our dirty state somehow aroused me. We came in unison as our moans and groans echoed in the room. He sagged behind me and rolled on to the bed to face me. Giving me a kiss on the forehead, he smiled and closed his eyes. It was a great visit and such a fulfilling dinner. This is probably one of the reasons why I just love Japanese food but of course, I can't tell this story to everyone who asks me why.

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