Sex Positions Recounts

Wed, 10/16/2013 - 02:42 -- Running Lola

While on vacation (which, coincidentally, took place in one of the most conservative parts of the US) we tried one new position every day. She would blindly point her finger at the page with 3 random sex positions and we would go ahead try them out.

We didn't have to stay in those positions till the end, nor did we have to start our foreplay with them. We just had to try them out at any time during our sexy routine.

Below is the recount (written from the female perspective). Enjoy!


Well, this one was tried out after a fairly long abstinence. Lube helped quite a bit. Correct execution is a must, otherwise could hurt once penis is inside. His legs must be spread a tad wider than hers. Once penis is in, it’s awesome. Of course, he plays the major part. But penetration feels nice (from her point of view). We switched back to missionary to reach orgasm but this position is a great foreplay for a domineering sexual act. Oh yeah, one more thing… If you own a corset - please,please, please wear it for this position. Trust me - it’s gonna be more than awesome.

Forbidden Fruit

Very fruity if you know what I mean… or, OMG - I felt I was in Paradise. Even if you are a bit squeamish (like myself) when it comes to your rear, trust me - this position is so worth trying out and your man will so fall in love with your butt hole, you’ll want the pleasure to last forever. Of course, he is likely to cum sooner than that.


I tried it after the warm-up with forbidden fruit. It felt right - with ample lube from the previous position and with the drive coming from it as well.. Helpful tip: press your feet against each other behind his back making a diamond - makes the penetration deeper and puts you in more control

Viennese Oyster

yep, stretching is important… so is lubricating. But it’s def worth it - so worth it!! Stimulation is nothing short of a-m-a-z-i-n-g! Great orgasm! One question which is still bugging me, though… Where the heck did this name come from?

Peep Show

Make sure you do this right - look at the picture to properly position yourself and your partner. Although I have to admit that even if you don’t get the angle right, your partner is not likely to notice it right away - it feels pretty good from a variety of angles.


You do need to have a bed which can be positioned a proper level - it is quite difficult for him to adjust the angle of penetration using just his body since he is already on his knees. However once set up, the act feels incredible. Sure, the position itself might not look too sophisticated, but the pleasure was all mine (and his, as he claimed it afterwards).

So how many sex positions do you guys use on a regular basis? Care to elaborate on any specific ones? Would you like to take up this challenge and try one new position a day for the next week (or 2, 3, 4 weeks)? =)