Sex After We've Done It - Putting it in Oral Form

Mon, 12/03/2012 - 13:08 -- Running Lola

This is mostly my rambling on sex during pregnancy. "We've done it" means that we made a baby which is living in my belly now....But, I'll spare the readers of too much of the anatomy details.

I wasn't one of the lucky moms-to-be who feel horny the minute their test reads positive. It took me some time to adjust to my new state and body, and heck, I'm still not fully comfortable with it, although I'm more than half-way through (wohoo for us!!).

But what is really different now (aside from the apparent size of my belly) are my sensations. Oral sex..well, let's say - I'm discovering much more about it now and I never knew I could get such a variety of experiences just by giving a bj to my husband. I knew for sure that men can feel it differently - depending on how experienced the "giver" is, but I never realized that I myself would start having new, completely new sensations.. And the usual motions will all of a sudden seem new, my tongue and lips now tell a different story to my brain when they touch him, and my brain produces this strange kaleidoscope of unfamiliar images... Oh that pregnancy brain of mine!

I never hated doing it orally before I got pregnant but I have to confess - it took me some time to get to like it. I was mostly focused on watching partner's reaction and it was a huge part of my own satisfaction. But now.. should I say "it's all about me now"? No, it's not just that - but yeah.. I am looking forward to it now - like a Twilight fan to the new movie in the series (I hate the Twilight saga, btw, sorry for the bad simile :)) I know once the tip of my tongue touches it, dewy visions will slowly start taking me away..

And the bottom line is - the orgasm is good!! For both sides. It's faster for him - probably because of the increased intensity on my side. On my end - the orgasm got more delayed, or, rather, prolonged. And it makes me want more - not just orally but...differently ;)

I'll make sure to keep practicing - too bad it's just about lunchtime and I'll have to wait another 5 hours for him to come back from work..

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