What a Thursday night! She squirted for the first time!!!!

Fri, 10/12/2012 - 13:52 -- PhillySon

Last night was a spectacular night, even by our standards. And believe me, our standards are quite high.

The evening started with our weekly dance lesson. It was foxtrots and box steps. There is always something erotic about dancing, and I love holding her that tight. We had planned for a night of love making to avoid watching the VP debates, and it was a night to remember.

I lit the candles, plugged in the Wand, and grabbed the wedge. She came into the room topless, but still wearing her panties. They quickly came off. A rarity for us, sex was proceeded by a bit of give and take. I wanted to do anal before she got the wand, but she thought my interest might subside once I popped.

Convinced I was on the up and up, we started some passionate kissing. I moved down to suck on her toes, toes that were mildly sweaty from the dance, and my cock strained against the cock ring I was wearing. I moved up to her thighs, took in the sight of her pussy, and dived right in for some wonderful pussy eating. I can tell when my baby is into it by how she moans, bucks her hips and gets sloppy wet. When she comes, she gets absolutely creamy.

After she had several orgasms, she grabbed the wedge, bent over it, and I lubed up. We have a pump lube and I placed a small amount on her asshole, and lubed my dick from top to bottom. As I entered her ass, she tightened up and asked me to slow down. I was a bit bigger than usual from the ring. I eased into her ass, and on the in strokes she moaned as it was a bit painful at first. Once things settled down, she started rocking her hips and letting me in up to my balls. When I finally came, I thought my balls had turned inside out. I can’t remember the last time I came that much, or that hard.

We both washed up and got back into bed. More passionate kissing was followed by some brief pussy eating, and then it was time for the wand. We have used the wand before, and it has given her some incredible orgasms, but tonight was somewhat different. She had never asked me to finger her while using the wand before, but tonight she did. With her on her back, and me kneeling by her knees, I was in the perfect position to have two fingers in her pussy, palm up and pressed against her g-spot.

After a few minutes, she was bucking like a wild woman, eyes rolled back and practically crying she was so racked by the feelings. Suddenly she yelled, “Do you feel it!? Do You?” I looked down and saw the ejaculated running off my hand. My baby had squirted for the first time. She fell back in bed, and was literally quivering for around 5 minutes.

By now, I was horny again. I started to massage her titties, and rub her clit, all the while kissing her deeply. As soon as I got hard again, I climbed on top of her to take a ride in the front door. Her pussy was still quivering for the intense orgasm she just had, but despite incredible sex, I had drained my balls and couldn’t come again.

But this whole operation had her going again, so out comes the wand for round two. While she didn’t squirt the second time (I had to be much gentler since she was much more sensitive), she did have another mini quake of an orgasm.

I let her know that I felt a bit pent up since I didn’t cum in the last round, and she offered me a blow job. I declined since I still didn’t feel recharged. We both fell into a somewhat fitful sleep. Around 1:45am, I was tossing a bit, and she rolled over to hug me. We sleep in the nude. She reached down to rub my belly, and gracefully glanced a light rub across my cock. She whispered in my ear, “Want that blow job now?” I was delighted to say yes. It was a long, deep suck, and it took me a while to come since this was round two. I was in the back of her mouth when I let go, and she swallowed every drop. We then rolled over and slept like the dead until the alarm clock woke us up.

All in all, I have to say I had a much better Thursday night then either of the candidates, and am glad I voted for a night of smoking hot sex, over a night of nothing but hot air.