The Magic Wand

Tue, 09/25/2012 - 12:53 -- PhillySon

We have a wide array of toys and sex furniture at our disposal, and we are always willing to take a chance on something new that looks interesting. Clit ticklers, anal plugs, g-spot vibrators and all metal toys are just some of the things we have at our ready disposal.

Having read about the magic of the Hitachi Wand, I decided I would surprise her with. I popped for the additional control that gives you much better control over the intensity of the vibrations. When it arrived, she looked at it distrustfully, wondered why it required an additional control, and didn’t like that it needed to be plugged into an outlet.

After sitting on a hamper in our bedroom for about a month, we decided to give it a whirl. After some passionate kissing, I went down on her to make sure she was nice and wet. We turned on the vibe and it instantly made her ask for the vibrations to be turned down. It sounded like an airplane was flying by outside.

I gently touched her clit with the large white head, and from her mouth, I heard, “Oh shit.” Then I heard, “Turn it up.” I hadn’t seen such a show since the day we used a butt plug, clit tickler and g-spot vibrator all at once, and filmed it to boot.

She started moaning as her eyes rolled up into her head. She grabbed her ankles and started to hump wildly against the vibe. She was screaming and grabbing the bed as hard as she could. After a couple of minutes, I actually feared she was having a convulsion her orgasm was so strong. How strong was it? My baby who never uses crude language, looked at me, eyes glazed over, and out of breath said, “My cunt is still tingling.”
Now she takes it in the ass, swallows cum, lets me toss her salad and suck her toes, flashes strangers and blows me in moving cars, but never before had I heard the word “cunt” come out of her pretty lips. I was so hot by then, I grabbed her hips, rolled her over and watched her raise her ass into the air. I grabbed the lube, rubbed some on my dick and her ass, and plunged my cock up her asshole. She gave a low moan, and started humping like a mad woman.

When she screamed out, “I am cumming again!” I couldn’t hold back. My cock flooded her ass with cum and I screamed out as loudly as she did. As we rolled over, I asked her her thoughts on using the Wand and the large black butt plug sometime. Her reply, “I am afraid I might pass out.” Still, I think my baby will give it whirl. I can’t think of anything she and I haven’t tried together yet!