Just another Friday Night

Sat, 09/29/2012 - 10:11 -- PhillySon

Work, and the stress of day to day living, can sometimes take a toll on even the most robust sex life. We had fallen in to, what for us, was a rut. Keep in mind, a rut to us is oral sex in the morning and making love almost every night. But still, we were in a bit of funk.

My always smoking hot wife had already cum up with a plan. First, let me tell you a little background; we have a wide array of toys, cameras and Liberator furniture. This is always used to enhance, never to replace.

On Thursday night, she asked me why we haven't shaved each others pubic hair off in a couple of weeks. She let me know that it was going sometime this weekend, but she wasn't sure when. When our Friday night plans fell through, the stage was set. She let me know that whatever we did, at some point I was going to have to take care of her with our Hitachi Wand.

I assembled the shaving gear, grabbed some towels, and waited for her to come out of her bathroom. She walked into the room, kissed me passionately, and we promptly started to undress each other. Once we were buck naked, she looked at me and asked, "How about some anal before we get started?" This, of course, was met with a, "Fuck yeah!", from me. She climbed on the bed and assumed the position. I grabbed the lube, oiled us up, and then grabbed the mini camcorder. In no time flat, I had the video of me entering her ass. This turned out to be a good eight to ten minute ass pounding that continued after I came. It was truly one of the finest ass fuckings we ever had.

I jumped in the shower, and then came out to do my barber routine. We decided she'd shave me first. It is practically impossible to have someone handle your joint that way it is handled while being shaved, and not get a raging hard on. She did a wonderful job, and I got back in the shower to rinse off the soap. I then shaved her. This took longer, because, quite frankly, I could spend my whole life down between her legs. I lovingly shaved her pussy until is was whistle clean.

She jumped into the shower, and then came back and lay down on the bed. After some passionate kissing, I went down on her like a madman drinking the last drop of water on earth. I loving licked her clit until she came, then ran my tongue the length of her clean shaven pussy and started in on the clit again. I did this until she came four times. We kissed some more, and I went down on her again. At this point, I grabbed the Wand.

The Wand is an interesting toy. It doesn't look like a sex toy, and wasn't made to be one, but it is so powerful, it reduces her to a contorting, screaming, passion filled, lust crazed manic. Her eyes roll up into her head, tears come to the corner of her eyes, and her knees get pulled up to her chin. She thrusts wildly against it. As soon as she is finished, I slide my cock into her pussy. Her muscles are still contracting and and it feels as though her pussy is grabbing my dick with every thrust. After a few minutes of good steady pumping, I pulled out, and she finished me with her mouth.

I am glad to know that no matter what doldrums life sends are way, my baby is always thinking of ways to keep our love life going strong and hot. I am truly the luckiest guy on earth!