Just an ordinary Thursday night

Thu, 10/25/2012 - 08:06 -- PhillySon

It has become ordinary. Last night, we went to pick up my tuxedo for our wedding on Saturday, and then went out to dinner. She mentioned to me on the way to the restaurant that perhaps tonight I could try and make her squirt again. We had a mediocre dinner, and then went home. I went upstairs to wrap the presents I bought her for Saturday, and she finished selecting the pictures for the slide show. After a little television, I mentioned it was close to 10:00, and that I’d like to head up.

While she was in the bathroom taking out her contacts, I was lighting some candles, and lying in bed waiting for her. She walked in in wearing a Disney pullover, fuzzy blue slippers and her glasses. Off came the pullover, and into bed she climbed.

Both of us were in a goofy mood, probably giddy about the wedding this weekend, they we laid down and joked around for a while. Then the passionate deep kissing began. She was teasing me, by breaking off the kiss to stare at me, telling me how handsome I am (obviously, sex clouds her vision!), and listening to me moan while trying to reengage.

She rolled more onto her back, a signal she wanted me to finger her. She was dripping wet. Continuing the kissing, my fingers found her clit. I love when she starts to move and moan, and tonight was not a disappointment. After she came a couple of times, she whispered in my ear, “Are you going to make me squirt?” I replied, “What do I get if I do?” To this she asked, “What does my baby want?” My reply, “Your hiney!” She let me know that that was what she was hoping I’d say.

I went to get the Wand, but she stopped me by asking if I’d like to fuck her ass first. I reached for the lube that is normally on my night stand only to find she had put it in our closet since the cleaning ladies had been by the day before. I was running around like a mad man, but turned back, lube in hand, to see her on all fours on the bed.

In no time flat, I was teasing her asshole with just the knob of my dick. She kept saying, “Easy, easy.” Then suddenly, she thrust back as had as she could and took my dick up her ass to the balls. She changed angles so that her asshole was grabbing me dick. Then she started to hump me like she was going wild, squeezing my dick in her ass, and slamming her ass cheeks against my thighs.

I think I lasted about two minutes before I blew an enormous load up her ass. She likes me to continue pumping after I come, and tells me the mixture of cum and lube makes for a better ride. I went for about five more minutes, and then pulled out to see the largest anal cream pie I ever saw. She then told me, "I was trying to make you cum. I wanted to see how fast I could get you off." No slow humping this night!

We both went to clean up. I got back and plugged in the wand. She was laying on a towel. We started to kiss, and I started to finger her again. She was really into things and was bucking up against my hand. I asked if she wanted me to start in with the toy, and she said, “I’d like you to go down on me first.” It was wonderful for both of us.

I teased her clit and inserted two fingers into her pussy. I brought her close to orgasm, but didn’t let her come. Then I grabbed the wand, turned in on medium and pressed it against her clit. She let out a loud moan, screamed “Oh my god, your fingers, your fingers!” and started to arch her back. Her red, sparkly, toe nails were right up near my head. I inserted to fingers, palm up, and found her g-spot. I started to massage her g-spot while I was rubbing her clit with the wand. I cranked the wand up to high, and applied more pressure to the g-spot. And there it was, her first squirt. She was still begging for more, complimenting my fingering and bucking against the wand. I pressed a little harder, and she squirted even more. I loved the glazed look of unbridled lust I saw in her eyes. I continued to finger her and wand her until she had one more mini squirt.

As we lay together in bed afterwards, she said to me, “I really started to feel like I had to pee when you were pressing on my g-spot. I was nervous about letting go.” I explained to her that that feeling is natural, and if she lets go, she will go from being a squirter to a gusher. I told her not to try, just to relax, and if it makes her more comfortable, we will lay down a load of towels next time, just in case.

So here is what is so special about this story; this is not an extraordinary night for us. This was a work night, in late October, when we got to bed a little late, after doing our chores. She may not understand why I say this, but I am the luckiest fucking guy in the world. All this and she is smart as a whip, has three college degrees, a great sense of humor and is a football fan! I still have to pinch myself some times.