How it grew into a habit

Sun, 07/29/2012 - 20:58 -- PhillySon

For weeks, when ever I went down on my wife, I would give her a rim job and insert a finger. She was always open and let me explore to my hearts content. Once I got up to two fingers, we bought lube to help things along. Then, after a few weeks of this, we went on a trip and stayed at a beautiful resort.

We always kick off our trips by christening the room with a vigorous romp between the sheets. This time, she floored me by saying, "Put it in my ass." I was totally blown away. Neither of us had ever done this before, and I have a fairly large rod (not John Holmes, but I normally hit bottom). I slowly entered her ass and she turned into a wild woman. She was slamming her ass against my thighs and bucking like a bronco. She wanted every inch in her ass and was humping like crazy. I blew the biggest wad I ever blew and she rocked my world again by saying, "If you are still hard, keep humping." I went a few more minutes and pulled out to see a huge anal cream pie.

After I went and cleaned up, we lay together talking about the experience. Suddenly, she goes down on me like crazy, and as soon as I get hard enough, tells me, "Put it up my ass again, that felt unbelievable." After a 48 year drought, I had a double header!

Now we do anal at least two or three time a week and occasionally do a double header just like before. She also loves to have a vibrating butt plug in while I do her doggy.

Her new favorite actually is the part that makes me leave for work with a smile on some days. We always spoon in bed after she hits the snooze alarm. A couple of months ago, while lying in bed like that, she felt my morning wood, and asked, "Do you think my ass is still lubed?" I slid in from behind and we had a wild anal fuck before the snooze alarm went off again. This also happens now every morning after a night where we saluted Rick Santorum!