Exhibitionism is the newest twist

Wed, 09/05/2012 - 20:57 -- PhillySon

We recently spent four days out of State and down in the rural south. We have toyed with exhibitionism before, but really only toyed. This trip turned out to be a revelation for us both.

We had been having a small drought due to a prolonged visit from my daughter followed by a short illness my wife had. Normally our sex life is wild and wooly, so even a small slow down stands out. The trip got off to a raucous start. As we do on every trip, we didn't bother unpacking. We ripped off our clothes and jumped in the sack as soon as we got to the B&B. We had forgotten to bring any toys or lube, so I kicked things off by eating her pussy like I was dying of thirst and this was the only oasis on earth. Then we fucked like fucking was going out of style.

After that, it was off to dinner. We happened upon a sex shop and stopped in. We were after lube and a cock ring. We were please to see that here in the Bible thumping South, we found a clean and friendly toy store staffed by attractive young people and populated mostly by couples. We found a heated, cherry flavored lube and a noose style cock ring.

Returning from dinner, we decided to leave the aids alone and do some vigorous 69. I love the taste of her pussy a couple hours after I have blown a wad inside of her. She didn't disappoint. Musky and soaking wet, her pussy was even better then earlier in the day. She was deep throating me and sucking on my balls while I licked her pussy and asshole. We both came like hound dogs and then fell asleep in each others arms.

The next day, after breakfast, we came back to the room and stripped down. After making out for a while she asked me to go down on her, fuck her doggie style, and then pull out before I came and fuck her up the ass. After some prolonged pussy eating, she said skip the fucking and go right up my ass. I was wearing the cock ring and my dick was huge. After a good five minutes, I blew a wad up her ass that turned my nuts inside out. She said, "You keep fucking my ass as long as that cock ring keeps you hard." I went another ten minutes. I almost came again. We did anal again that night after dinner and a show. She constantly tells me how much she loves anal and how much she loves me to keep fucking her ass after I cum. She loves the mix of cum and lube, smells and the feel. I try to never disappoint.

Now for the good part; the next day we went to see a cave tour that was over an hour's drive away. About ten minutes into the trip, she pulled our rented Ford Escape over to the side of the road and took off her shirt and bra. This was at 11:00 in the morning on a sunny day. Passing men in pickup trucks waived at her as we cruised along the rural road. After about half an hour, she pulled into a parking lot, leaned over and pulled out my dick. All of this, from the shirt coming off, up to now, had been video taped on my Bloggie. She started to suck me off. I had to hunch up above the the dash for her to reach me. I was getting sucked off in plain view of the passing cars. I came in about three minutes flat.

She drove on with her titties still out on display. About ten minutes later, she pulled into a deserted car dealership on a major highway, got out of the car, stripped naked and got in the back seat. It was my turn to go down on her. I went nuts on her. I never felt so excited before. All the time I was half expecting a State Trooper to tap on the window. After she came twice, she got out of the car naked, in clear view of the road, and redressed.

On the way home, she pulled into the same lot, set her seat all the way back and removed her pants and undies. She took off her shirt and bra, placed her feet on the dashboard and asked to me to get her off with my fingers. I made her cum three times. The site of those red toenails up on the dash was amazing. While she was getting dressed outside of the car, I asked her, "Has my baby found a new side of herself? Does public sex get you hot?" Still flushed from her orgasm, she breathlessly smiled and said, "Yes, it got me really hot."

I see this becoming a regular part of our sex life. It will all be photographed and video taped. And I see it escalating as everything we do seems to do. Restaurant blow jobs, fucking in hotel hallways and elevators, fucking on the beach and in swimming pools, pictures in restaurants and stores and sex in unlikely places.

I will admit freely that this uninhibited and sexy woman has stretched my boundaries and shown me a side of myself I didn't know existed. We met when I was 47 and she was 46. In two and half years we have gone from straight intercourse and oral sex to anal, toys, video, sex furniture and now, public sex. I can't wait to see where this journey goes next. I have no doubt that I am the luckiest guy on earth.