Hooking Up With An Old Friend In An Accidental One Night Stand

Thu, 10/18/2012 - 00:44 -- kaboomaloha

They say that goodbyes are not forever. For a long time I was having a mutual attraction to one of my long time male friends. However, we tried our best to ignore what we were feeling because we both knew the reality that we were both attached to someone else. It didn't bother us much because our friendship was more important than anything else so we decided not to cross the said bridge. We have a big circle of friends and we always party every weekend. I am telling this story without actually spilling my name out and his name as well.

That week, the party happened in his place. After talking to my friends and catching up while taking several shots of Jack Daniels and Coke, I told everyone that I was done for the night. Since he was the host of the party, he knew it was his responsibility to see me off. He excused himself in front of everyone including his girlfriend. He went down with me in front of the building where my car was parked.

We said our farewell to each other while I started the engine of my car. As we kissed each other in both sides of our cheeks, he purposedly made sure that his lips brushes against mine. His breath was warm which made me close my eyes. A shiver of delight and excitement passed through me and coursed through my veins. Instinctively, I knew what would happen next. My breath started to hitch a notch. He looked at me with lust filled eyes. We kissed intensely as our suppressed desire toward each other was unleashed. He opened the car door and told me to sit on the passenger seat as he said that he would drive. I couldn't say anything. All I could do was obey as he drove around the block and stopped in another building's parking lot.

After all, who ever said that I was the dull good girl?My heart was beating fast but so was his. Our breathing was both erratic. Suddenly, it was hot inside my car. As soon as we parked, we locked eyes with each other again as we hungrily kissed each other. His hands roamed freely as he started to touch me and squeeze my breasts. His right hand made its way under my denim skirt as he slid two of his fingers at the side of my panties. I was already slick for him as his fingers slid inside me. Sensually, he moved his fingers masterfully inside me, I moaned. I couldn't help but rub my hand on his bulging erection.

He instructed me to remove my panties as he unzipped his jeans. I reclined against the passenger door waiting for his next move. My eyes grow wide as I see his hard on in front of me. His right leg was rested on the steering wheel of the car while my left leg was raised on the driver seat headrest. I immediately lost my senses as his pressed hard on me, humping me hard. It excited me knowing that anytime, anyone might catch us. It was the most exhilarating feeling ever! I even got more excited thinking that I was doing it with someone who is owned by somebody else.

His thrusts got faster and deeper while he reached his peak. I writhed and moaned helplessly and deliriously as I waited for what will happen next. Coordinately my body started to convulse as my orgasm suddenly hits me. It was that time when I suddenly heard my car beeping loudly. Getting carried away with all the ecstasy, I didn't notice that my right leg was already pressing against the horn of my car. The building's security guard emerges and proceeds to where my car was parked to check what was going on. It was a good thing that we kept almost all our clothes on the entire time.

He jumped back to the driver's seat, gave the guard a salute and then sped off with his fly still open, me gaping at me still panty-less until I got home. The following day, my boyfriend asked about the nasty stain on my passenger seat which of course, I had to plan ahead for. I immediately said that I spilled some fruit juice on it the other day and that I would either clean it or have it clean right away. If only he knew that it was tastier than the fruit juice that I told him about.

I haven't seen my so called long time friend for some time now but I guess if I did see him again, I wouldn't probably know what to do with him or how to react but I totally relish the idea that somehow, somewhere, we were able to do something so dirty and it will forever be our dirty little secret. After all, who ever said that I was the dull good girl?