Afternoon Delight, in which a couple takes advantage of circumstances for some much-needed stress relief.

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Today, our daughter had dance class. Knowing that, we planned to get down to business the moment my darling wife got back from dropping her off. With our work schedules being so crazy lately, we haven't been able to do much and the way she was looking up at me when she asked, kissing and sucking and grazing my knuckles with the tip of her tongue was very persuasive. My body responded before I could, and she placed her foot in my lap, stroking my bulge approvingly through my shorts.

The dance studio is right around the corner, so it wasn't long before she came back. I had moved to my chair in the bedroom to check on whatever mindless thing it is that I check on these days. She appeared behind me, silently as she enjoys doing when she's turned on. If I wasn't used to people trying to sneak up on me, living with her might be pretty scary from time to time.

She slid the length of her arms down my shoulders until her lips met the depression on my collar bone, from which she trailed soft, slow, kisses to my earlobe, which she gave a brief nibble to before she straightened and took a step back.

She began to disrobe, like she usually does at the end of a long day, and I took the time to finish reading that inconsequential piece of text I was looking at. By the time I swiveled my chair around, she was lying on her back in bed, nude, save for a pair of mint-and-white-striped shorts.

I suppose my eyes must have widened at her speed, for she is usually a slow stripper, and she giggled at me and drew in one leg, cocking her knee at a jaunty angle towards the ceiling.

She may have said something then, one of those day-to-day things, maybe a casual invitation, but I could hear nothing. I was entranced, as I have been so many times before. Her breasts looked soft in the dappled sunlight coming through the blinds, like buns rising in an oven just warm enough to give them a little color. I rose and shrugged out of my clothes to slide in next to her on top of the comforter. Her coy smile broke into a wide grin, then a short cackle as I rolled over on top of her.

I returned her earlier neck kisses, then lingered on her lips, soft and smooth. I breathed in her scent, of jasmine, coconut, and cloudy sunsets, and, intoxicated, wound little dry kisses around her areolae, letting my tongue dart out for little licks now and again.

Moaning low with appreciation and anticipation, she slid her right leg between my own and lifted it ever so slightly as I took each dark nub, now erect and tightening, into my mouth and caressed them with my tongue, rolling them gently between my teeth as she arched her back.

Gentle pressure on my groin alerted me to the presence of her thigh and my body took over, grinding back against her leg as I continued to lick, suck, and nibble a menagerie of shapes across her chest and neck. Our tongues twined together, deepening the embrace.

My root began to throb urgently, demanding entrance as that now-familiar sense of animal aggression began to loom in my mind. My mouth bid her straining nipples a fond farewell and trailed kisses down her sternum, I toyed briefly with the charm on her navel before continuing on. I slipped my tongue briefly into the waistband of her shorts before my lips made a series of short hops, each pressing my lips against the thin cotton fabric a little longer than the last.

As I passed where her lips waited for me just beneath, I exhaled warmly, then pressed the tip of my tongue lightly to where I knew her clit also waited swollen beneath its pale pink hood, and drew myself up. My hands unfastened themselves from her soft breasts and languidly crept into that elastic band, circled beneath her waist, and drew the mint-striped panties down her legs and onto the floor.

I easily removed my shorts as she drew her legs up to her chest to give me room, then I reached out and gently parted them. The sly, seductive smile returned as she saw what I was restraining before I lowered my face towards the soft tangle below.

Wisps of my wine-red beard trailing down her lower lips elicited a giggling fit, which rose suddenly to a gasp as I stuck the tip of my tongue into her welcoming slit, dragging a bit of nectar up to to her nub before I deftly lifted the silken hood and made tight circles around the sensitive button underneath.

With my hands on her legs, I felt tendons stretch as her toes curled, heard the sharp gasp of ecstasy settle into the shallow, contented panting of a woman being skillfully serviced. I began to alternate between rhythmic thrusts to the button and long languid licks which reached lower with each pass.

Steadily, her moans built into a crescendo and her orgasm burst forth like a song as my tongue skillfully strummed her pleasure centers. But I was prepared to maximize this short time we had together. As she began to spasm, I determined that her crescendo was to be only a bridge. I felt the familiar pressure of her hands on my head and resisted, taking her deeper with me.

As her moans grew into ecstatic half-shouts, her struggles became less coherent. Again, I felt the beast stirring in me. No longer mollified by grinding against the bed and spurred on by her cries, I slipped my torso between her legs and with a skilled gyration of my hips, slid smoothly into her entrance.

Her eyes snapped open and she gasped in surprise even as her face settled into a wide, euphoric smile. We hung for a moment suspended in that sublime moment before a long, smooth thrust disintegrated the world around us. As we melted into one another, her eyes found mine and a spark passed in between, igniting something fierce and ravenous in both of us that could not be denied any longer.

My hips began to thrust smoothly, steadily, driving me into her like a piston. Soon, I felt the force of my thrusts increase and realized it was she who had begun now to arch upwards into me with a fluid grace that belied the urgency in each increasingly desperate cycle.

I responded to the challenge with an almost sadistic delight. I could see a third orgasm sparking to life behind her eyes and feel it in the determined bucking of her hips, so I held her down, gliding in and then completely out of her. Something like panic etched itself into her face as she struggled against my grip, moaning desperately each time my cock slipped out of her to bob tauntingly, slick with the nectar of her naked desire.

As her moans became a needy whimper, I drew myself closer into her, pressing inside with a painfully sweet slowness. The soft, glowing, euphoric look of satisfaction spread across her face again and she sagged beneath me, languidly awaiting what she knew, what she needed to come next.

At last, I let go. With her smooth legs as handles, I slammed my straining cock home, hammering faster and faster, drawing my lover into me even as I crashed against her. I entered her with abandon, hungrily driving into her as my need, now, was being met. She bounced like a ragdoll with the force of that need, soft breasts gliding gracefully across her chest, limbs twitching nervelessly as I howled my release.

She came undone as I burst forcefully inside of her, milky pearlescent drops sprayed across our bodies as I sagged back on my ankles, finally spent.

Gingerly, I withdrew and lay down beside her. We embraced for what felt like a long time, breathing deeply. Then, after we shared a gentler kiss, we took a moment to appreciate and admire our slippery handiwork, which of course gave us a giggling fit as we headed to the shower.

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