the Office Hook-Up

Thu, 11/29/2012 - 20:14 -- Guest

My boyfriend and I have been together for a year now but due to both of our very time consuming and demanding jobs, we are left with only very little time to see each other. We often don't see each other and because of this, he complains a lot. He often tells me that one of us must sacrifice and that we should both keep on trying to make things work. It wasn't like I was going to give up on him. The pressures from my job were sometimes weighing down on me thus making me a boring and tired lover. One night while on my usual overtime, I decided it was time to be spontaneous and surprise him. I wanted to do something special for him since I love him and I do not want him to leave just because of my busy work schedule. So, I dialed his mobile phone number and waited for him to answer my call. Just like me, he is still at work but he will soon be getting off after he finishes filing them up. His voice sounded tired and needy. I felt a sharp pain in my heart as I know that he secretly longs for me. He just doesn't want to say it as he doesn't know how I would react eventually. It was then when I couldn't stop thinking of him. I started imagining him naked before me and was pounding me senseless. The thought was provoking and it definitely made me want him right there, right now. I decided to tell him to meet me at my car at a parking lot nearby as our office buildings were just across from each other. He said he'd be there and he said that he also wanted to see me as well.

I excitedly went to the parking lot. I made sure that I looked good as I waited draining but . The heat from the parking lot was draining but I was energized. The thought of him with me was enough to make me feel wet. I could feel it starting to pool on my panties. I blushed with embarrassment as I looked at my watch. It was 11 PM and the parking lot was almost deserted. He arrived 10 minutes later. I opened my door and asked him to sit with me inside. As soon as he entered my car, I threw myself at him, gagged his mouth with my hand and told him in my most sultry voice, “I am so wet right now. I want you inside me but we don't have much time. Work is waiting for me. I need you...NOW!”. He was shocked. He looked at me with surprised eyes. His expression gradually becoming darker as it turned to lust. He instantly got a hard on. As I was already sitting on his lap, I moaned at the feel of his erection. He grabbed me and took me to the backseat of my car. It was there when he made me bend over.

My face was on the backseat of my car as he carefully slipped my panties from under my skirt. He held on to my waist as he unzipped his fly to reveal his massive erection. I couldn't see what he was planning to do with me but I knew that he wanted to enter me too. I heard a plastic wrapper being torn up. I smiled as I realized that he must have silently placed his condom for protection. He then teased my folds as he held on to his sex while rubbing its tip there. I moaned and before I could moan anymore, he entered me. He held on to me tightly as he continued to enter me roughly. We moaned in unison as we both came hard. We both sagged on the backseat of my car, panting. We were both speechless. He looked at me and confessed to me. He was actually considering to tell me that things were not working out and that he needs her but she's always not around. That was the reason as to why he wanted to see me earlier. Fortunately, after what I have done to him, he has changed his mind about our relationship being boring. Because of our new found love, we have decided to make a quick trip to the parking lot often whenever we feel like it. We just hope that nobody would notice. Talk about spicing things up!