Straight Girls Explore Their Sexuality And End Up Liking It

Tue, 10/23/2012 - 22:55 -- Guest

Growing up, I studied in a very religious, all female school. My family is very conservative. Although I know that originally, I was, I know now that I am not. I used to be a reserved teenager. I was very prim and proper. Yes, very lady-like. My life seemed boring to others.

Very black and white, as they said. My routine wasn't hard to remember for I only go to two places everyday. From school, I go directly to my home. Sheesh, don't judge me. I never really had a good teenager social life. We all know that as a teenager, we suffer from raging hormones and uncontrollable outbursts. I did my best to control mine however, sometimes, I just felt like letting go. There was a time in my life when I felt free. Suddenly, I didn't feel the need to feel like I was being judged. I was just being me.

One afternoon while my parents were both at work, my brother and I were both in our separate rooms. I was reading a book when suddenly, the phone rang. I answered it and it was a call for my older brother. I ran to his room and knocked on his door and noticed that it was unlocked. I barged into his room. He was shocked. His face was pale and when I looked into the TV and saw what he was watching, I finally realized why. I told him somebody was on the phone for him and blushed on my way out. I imagined myself kicking myself so hard for my stupidity. He was in college and probably had a more difficult time handling his urges and needs. I, on the other hand, was only 16. After getting back to my warm bed, images of what I have seen on the TV bombarded me. I suddenly felt violated but had the urge to do something more. Luckily, I dismissed the thought and just tried my best to concentrate on my book.

The next day on my way to school, I saw one of classmates kissing a boy from a different school. I felt ashamed and decided to walk by unnoticed. Unfortunately, the girl saw me without me knowing it. It was Physical Education class and afterward, I was feeling a bit tired and was sweaty. Suddenly as I entered one of the cubicles to pee. But after doing so, I just had the urge to touch myself. I have never done it before but it felt good. I bit my lower lip as I caressed myself. I lowered down my jogging pants further as one of my hands slid inside my bra to fondle my breasts while the other went inside my slick, wet folds. I was stifling my moan when suddenly, the door from my cubicle opened. Crap! I forgot to lock it. I was in a state of panic and embarrassment when suddenly, a beautiful long haired girl went inside. She announced herself well as she inquired while looking at me intently. “Do you need some help with that?”

Before I could even respond to her, she closed the door shut behind her and suddenly started to kiss me. Her lips were soft and her tongue explored wildly inside my mouth. I was suddenly feeling things that I shouldn't have, things I have never imagined. I whimpered. I wanted to push her but I felt my eyes closing as I let my tensed muscles relax so that she may be able to have her way with me. I was overwhelmed. As she was kissing me, I was unmoving. Her other hand suddenly moved on my wet folds as she expertly circled her fingers inside me. I wanted to moan but her mouth was pressed hard against mine. Before I knew it, she was already down on her knees as her tongue has found my sweet spot and was now licking me sensually. I was feeling so alien. I didn't know it was arousal then. She sucked my flesh hard as I held on to her head, helplessly grinning my lower hip at her as she continued to assail me wanting flesh with her mouth. She then filled me with her fingers which made me come so hard. She then stood up as she looked at me as if I was an interesting specimen. Licking her lips, she removed her jogging pants and showed me how wet she was for me. I didn't know what to do.

She grabbed my head and forced me to taste her there. She smelled nice and before I knew it, I was licking her down there, testing her taste and loving it. Trying hard not to make a sound, she moved near the toilet, towards me. It was her turn to sit there now. Removing one of her legs still inside her pants, she raised it up the toilet so that I may be able to taste her more. Her taste was getting addicting and I couldn't control myself. Before I knew it, my tongue was lashing at her masterfully as her nails dug on hard on back. She came hard after that. Feeling spent, we panted. It was only then that I realized that she was the girl that I saw kissing a guy outside my school before classes started that day. She had a wicked glint on her face. The experience changed me. I have never been into women but somehow, now, I can say that I like both. We did not end up having a steady relationship. More like, we just needed someone to take care of our urges every now and then without being worried of getting pregnant. It was a memorable school year for me.