My first real fuck

Thu, 10/11/2012 - 20:49 -- Guest

This happened 7 years ago when I was 18. I had just graduated from high school and had the summer off before I headed off to college. I loved sex with women, I honestly couldn't get enough of it (what 18 year old can?), but I always had this feeling of wanting to experiment with a guy. I never wanted any sort of relationship with another man other than sex. I was always the more dominant one while having sex with a woman and thought to have the roles reversed, with me being submissive and getting fucked was always a huge turn on for me. I bought a dildo and would use that once in a while while masturbating but never really engaged my impulses.

After thinking about it for a couples weeks I decided that before I go off to college that I'd change that, so I started to browse the internet looking for who would be my first hookup. I had a small BDSM fetish and was looking on a site dedicated to that when I found someone that seemed right up my alley. Older than me (mid 30's), in good shape, somewhat muscular, and loved to break in new guys. I sent him a message and immediately got a response. We chatted a few times and I told him that I'd love to visit him, he lived about 3-4 hours away from me. He asked me if I'd like to make it a whole weekend visit, considering me driving all that way for one round of sex seemed not to be worth it. I agreed, and thought a Friday-Sunday sex marathon would be amazing.

After we figured out those details, he laid down some rules that I would follow while I was there. First of all, neither of us wanted to use condoms so we agreed that we would both get STD tests and show each other the paperwork before we did anything. We also agreed that he would be my 'master', with me being his sex slave. This turned me on like no other, knowing I'd be used as a slut by another man. I was to please him any way he wanted, whenever he wanted while I was there. Light bondage would be in play (handcuffs, ankle restraints, ballgag, blindfold...that's about it) but we would work up to that.

We also went through our do's and don'ts just so we were both comfortable and knew what each other wanted. Personally, I was open to almost anything considering I wanted to really experiment. He asked if it would be OK if he shared me with some of his friends, or would be OK with 2-3 people using me at once and of course I agreed as long as they used condoms. Lastly, he made sure I knew that I could leave at any point I wanted, and our safety word during sex was 'Canada'.

The day finally came and I have to admit that I was nervous the whole ride there, but my sexual urges and curiosity kept me driving. I left around 3pm so that I would arrive there about an hour after my newly found master got home from work. Good thing my GPS came through like a champ and after a 3.5 hour drive where my dick never went soft I finally arrived and pulled up next to his house in the street. I sat in my car for a minute finishing my cigarette, thoughts racing through my head as to what I was about to get myself into. Then I saw him open his door and walk out onto his porch with just shorts on, no shirt. The pictures he sent me didn't do him justice...he was about 6'1, 195-200lbs with a nice large chest and shaved head. He waived and motioned for me to get out of the car. I put my cig out, got out and greeted him at his door with a handshake. He took a nice long look at me, up and down, and just smiled...It was nice to see that he enjoyed what he was looking at.

As we walked inside he took my backpack and put it in his spare bedroom, where I would sleep. We then sat on the couch, exchanged our STD tests...everything checked out, and we again went over everything and made sure we were on the same level. He said I only needed to call him 'Master' or 'Sir' during sex, and he would only call my dirty names 'slut, whore, bitch, etc...' during that time as well. Other than that we were just 2 guys and complete equals. He asked me to shower up then he'd take me out to dinner. I was so horny I decided to strip down right in front of him, very slowly...before I headed off to the shower. He commented that he loved how tall and skinny I was (6'0 and about 150lbs, very athletic at the time as well but not real muscular). I head off into the shower, washed up really well, especially my ass. As I dried off he told me to come back out into the living room naked, and I obliged. I walked in and noticed he had some lube and a butt plug (about 3-4 inches long) on the table. "I want you to wear this to dinner" he said. "So that you'll be ready for later tonight." I walked over to the couch and go on all 4's with my ass in the air. He walked over to me and caressed my ass, inspecting it a little bit. Slowly he began to apply lube on my hole and gently inserted a finger into my ass. "Holy are tight, I can tell you're a virgin. I'm gunna have fun breaking this open" he said in a somewhat sinister tone. I then felt the plug slowly glide into my ass. It felt great as I felt my ass slowly spread open around the plastic until it engulfed the plug and I let out a small moan. He then instructed me to put on my clothes and we headed off to dinner.

The car ride was filled with more or less strictly sexual talk, and his teasing my about going out in public with a plug in my ass. It felt great and kept me horny and on edge the entire time. As we were seated for dinner, he laughed a little bit as I slowly sat down onto the chair, feeling the plug push deep into my ass. A couple times I thought I was going to cum right in the restaurant but I kept my composure. We ate our food and the whole time our sexual tension was insane, neither one of us could wait to get back home for the real fun to start. We paid the bill and as we left the restaurant he slapped my ass where the plug was and made it jiggle a bit in my ass...making me groan and stop for a second. We got in the car and before we left he asked "Are you ready to truly become my slave?" I replied "Yes sir, it's all I want right now." "Good" he said.

We got home and both bolted to his bedroom. I started to take my clothes off but he stopped me, saying he wanted to do it. I stood in the middle of the room and he slid my shirt off, feeling my chest and shoulder. He then took the belt off and gave my a slap on the ass with it before slide off my pants and boxers, revealing my fully erect 6 inch cock with perfectly clean shaved pubes and balls. I stood there completely naked, completely vulnerable with the plug still in my ass. I knew right then and there that I was all his, that I would willingly do anything he told me to, and it was just wanted I wanted. My master removed his shirt and pushed my shoulders down, indicating me to get on my knees. He grabbed my hair and pushed my head back so he could look into my eyes as he undid his pants and let them fall to the floor. With his one free hand he also pushed his underwear down and let it fall to the floor. He let go of my head and my eyes descended on one of the most perfect cocks I've ever seen even to this day. He was smooth down there, with a larger cock than what I had anticipated. He was a solid 8 inches, quite thick, circumcised, with a large head. He grabbed my head again and held my face away a bit as he slowly stroked his rock hard dick.

"You want this, don't you?" he asked me. "Yes sir, I want it in my mouth..." I said in a soft, sexy voice. "Of course you do, because you're a true slut, and you're all mine." With that he pulled my head closer to his cock and I open my mouth as I felt the tip of his cock glide against my tongue. He let go of my head and I slid my tongue around the tip of his cock before opening wide and taking about half of it into my mouth and placed my one hand on his shaft. I went slow at first, stroking his shaft while i worked the head and played with his balls with my other hand. After only a few minutes of that, he ordered me to put my hands behind my back. I did as he instructed and he grabbed the back of my head and slowly slide his cock further and further down my throat until I gagged a little. "God I love a whore gagging on my cock...I bet you love it." he said in a demanded voice. I didn't say anything, I just kept my focus on his bulging dick. Over and again he grabbed the back of my head and would push his cock into my mouth until I gagged, then pull it out, then do it all over again. He finally started to get into a rhythm to the point where he was fucking my face at a medium pace, making me gag every time he pushed his cock in deep, getting it soaking wet with my saliva, with some of my spit dripping down my chin. This went on for a while to the point where water formed around my eyes from being choked repeatedly by his enormous cock, but I loved it...I loved being treated like a sex toy. Finally he put one hand on the back of my head and the other on the back of my neck and pulled my on his cock until I had almost the entire thing down my throat, gagging as the last couple inches were forced down. He held me there for a few seconds then let me go and my head instinctively backed away as I gasped for breath.

"Now I'll make you an anal whore" he said as he grabbed my arm and led me to the bed. He laid me face down on his bed with 2 pillow under my stomach in order to prop my ass up. I was still catching my breath and didn't say anything. He got behind me and started playing with the plug that was still in my ass. Slowly pulling it out, then letting it slip back in, again and again with me moaning and groaning every time I felt it slide back into my virgin ass. He finally pulled it all the way out and I saw him set it on the bedstand, and grabbed the lube that was there. I felt the lube slowly drip onto my ass and his fingers working it into my now somewhat opened up asshole. Then I could hear him lubing his dick as he slid 2 fingers into my ass, making sure it didn't go too deep. I think he wanted me tight so his dick could spread me open so he never was too forceful with his fingers. "Tell me how bad you want my cock in your ass, faggot" he demanded. I replied something along the lines of "Please master, I want your big dick so bad. Take my virgin ass and tear me up."

I felt him get on top of me, and his cock slowly circling my hole, teasing me. "I'm not gunna go easy, you know that right?" he asked. "Yes sir, I know..." was all I could say before he slid the tip into my ass, making me give out a half moan, half whimper as I felt my ass wrap around his cock. I remember gasping a couple times knowing he was barely in. Then he began to slide it in even deeper, the feeling of amazing pleasure filled with a bit of pain engulfed my entire body as I squirmed a little, but he grabbed onto one of my shoulders, holding me in place. His cock began going deeper, and deeper as I grabbed onto the sheets and just kept moaning 'oh my god...oh my goddd.' There was more pain but along with the pain came even more pleasure. He was finally all the way in my ass...I could feel his balls resting on my ass. "My little bitch loves this cock in his hole doesn't he?" I was so filled I didn't even respond, and he didn't like this. He bucked my ass, thrusting it even deeper, making me let out a yelp and then he repeated his question even louder. "Yes!" I screamed. "It's so fucking big, Sir...". I finally had what I came for, and it was fucking unbelievable.

My master began to slowly slide his cock all the way out, then slowly all the way in, opening my ass up with every thrust. My dildo was never able to make me feel the way his dick did. He positioned himself up higher as he began to speed up his thrusts, making my moans grow even louder, and his breathing became heavier. For a full 5-10 minutes he kept up a medium pace, never going all out but never slowing down. He then slid his cock out of my ass, and I could feel that I was beginning to really open up. He pulled me up by my shoulder and pulled me off then bed, then positioned me on the floor with my head on the ground and my ass up in the air, completely open for his cock. He re-lubed my ass then slid it right back in, and in this position he was able to put it ALL in. Again he slid it all in and kept it there, then began to buck my ass while holding onto my hips digging him cock deep. Finally he grabbed my hair and pulled me up and he's still standing over me. His dick was still rock hard and mine hadn't been soft since we started. He began to pick up his trusts and he pulled my hair every time he thrust into me, pulling my ass back onto his cock. This caused me to cum without even touching my dick and as I came my ass tightened up around his cock. He began to go very fast and was soon furiously fucking my ass with my legs and arms going limp as he pulverized my ass over and over as fast and hard as he could. The only thing keeping me up was him pulling my hair and grabbing onto my hips. I wasn't sure how long I could handle him pounding me with all his might, and was thinking about yelling out our safeword, but I didn't want to...I wanted to prove to him that I could be a good little slut for him so I bit my lip and just took it. His cock began to twitch and I could feel it grow inside me. He quickly pulled it from my ass, turned me over on my back and said "Come here, open your mouth and take my cum, bitch!". I slid under his cock and he stroked it only a few times before he started spewing out his seed into my mouth and all over my face. I couldn't believe how much cum he was shooting out, I swallowed one load and the rest shot on my face and neck. His warm cum felt amazing dripping down my cheek and chin and I was in absolute bliss. I felt him get up from over me, so I wiped the cum from my eyes and just rolled over...feeling absolutely used and felt better after this sex session than I ever did with any girl.

Apparently I passed out within 5 minutes of him finishing in my mouth and my face. He let me sleep there for about 30 minutes while he showered until he woke me up and led me into the spare room where he put me in bed. I woke up the next morning with his dried cum still on my face, and I immediately got horny again, wondering what my master had in store for his sex slave today. He heard me get up, walked into my room and asked if I wanted to stay another night. I said..."Yes, of course Master." He reminded me I didn't have to call him master, but I said I wanted which he said was fine. He told me he made breakfast, and to come eat before I showered. I walked out to eat feeling more satisfied than I ever had.

I'll update this story and tell you more about Saturday and Sunday if there is any interest. (Trust me, it gets pretty wild). It will be much more sex oriented, I wanted to give a full background story to begin with, but the next couple posts will be more or less just the sex we had. I hope everyone enjoyed my story, and as I said, if anyone wants to hear more I'd be more than happy to oblige.