Had a Business Trip Fling With My Boss - and I liked it

Sun, 11/04/2012 - 13:23 -- Guest

My boss and I have a very professional relationship which is healthy among people in offices. I treat him with respect and he does the same thing for me. We mesh well together which means we work well together thus, double the productivity. Many people think that I am a good employee and that he is a good boss. But nobody knows that behind the strong workforce and tandem that we have lie something darker, something dirtier. In fact, despite everyone knowing about the business trip that we both attended to last month in another city, nobody knew what really happened in the said trip. Let's just say destiny found its way and we ended up liking the outcome. Sounds intriguing huh?

Well, I have always liked my boss. He was a handsome, single man, who was a very good leader and a very sweet person. Unlike other bosses, he takes care of his employees well. I have been told and warned of his womanizing ways. I never really cared for it because secretly, I welcomed the idea but at the same time, didn't want to show him anything without being sure that it will be reciprocated. I wasn't supposed to be with him in the said trip. Luckily, the leader of our team, who was supposed to be with him at the convention had to cancel a day before. Being the second in command of the team, it was no question as to why I was asked to be the one to replace her. I was the perfect woman for the job. I was only startled by the announcement. I showed everyone that I wasn't pleased with the news but deep inside I was grinning like a fool.

The day came. I packed my bag the night before and I made sure to make this trip end well. I had a mission. It was to make this trip not only an accomplished business one but also something more personal. What can I say? I planned on seducing my boss on this trip. It wasn't like he was taken or at least that is what I heard. We saw each other at the airport. The airplane tickets that the company purchased were two seats beside each other. It was my first time to fly on an airplane thus was worried about it. When I shut my eyes while the airplane took off, I felt my heart beating erratically. Suddenly, I felt my boss hand hold mine, squeezing it tightly in assurance. I gave him a weak smile for such a sweet gesture. He did that again as the plane landed. Good thing the flight wasn't interrupted by an turbulence. I would have fainted if we encountered some.

Arriving at the sunny city, I smelled the air and it had a faint smell of the sea. I immediately wanted to bask in the sun and just have fun at the beach but I stopped myself from doing so. I knew we had to attend the convention first before anything else. It was for the whole weekend after all. As we arrived in the hotel, we realized that there was a mistake in the reservation that the company made. The company made a reservation for just one room with a king sized bed on it. I didn't want to grin like a fool in front of my boss so I decided to react the opposite way. I frowned showing my displease of what happened. Unfortunately, the hotel was fully booked this weekend thus, making it impossible to have a different room for me. Perfect! My boss had been quiet the whole time. As we both entered the room, it looked pretty spacious. We saw a luxurious looking couch near the bed so immediately, I knew it was either I was going to sleep on it or he will or perhaps we can sleep together in the king size bed. Rawr! I felt my bad kitty persona pounce on the idea. I couldn't help but smile.

After the first day at the convention, we realized that it wasn't even night time yet. Arriving at the venue so early, they now have more free time to themselves. Changing from our business attires, we both opted for a more casual look. My boss had me dress up inside the room while he did inside the bathroom. He was a gentleman after all. We will see how long though. It was 4 P.M. And I was itching for a swim. I put my red two piece on and wore my tiny shorts along with a sheer top which showed off my curves. I was fixing my hair up when my boss came out of the bathroom. Like me, he was sporting something for swimming. Wearing a pair of blue board shorts that hung well in place. He looked hot in them. His sunglasses where on top of his head while his shirt was enough to show his muscles. I nearly drooled as I couldn't help but lick my lips as I eyed him in front of the mirror. His expression turned different as he eyed me from head to foot. I am a very curvy woman and the swimsuit that I wore showed off not just my generous cleavage but as well as my tiny waist with a navel piercing on it and my plump behind. He couldn't help but touch his lower lip. It was a gesture of desire and I knew it.

I didn't turnaround and decided to continue tormenting him. I purposely made sure that my ponytail would fall on the carpeted floor so that I would be able to pick it up by bending over in front of him ever so slowly. The tightness of my skimpy short made him see half of my behind. I felt him gasp as I did. I was near the bed and my pulse was racing. This was a crucial moment. Whether or not, he would take me right here, right now was important to me. Suddenly, before I was able to react, he was behind me. He turned me around and pinned me on to the bed. He was on top of me, pressing his delicious body before me. His lips urgently met mine. I moaned as I closed my eyes as he sensuously teased the tip of his tongue with mine. He continued plunging it in, licking my teeth and sucking on to my tongue. He left me breathless. His hands roamed all over my body. His hands were soft and supple. He couldn't help but cup my breasts and then knead them. The soft bed was warm behind me as he broke away from our kiss and looked at me. His eyes looked hooded now and filled with intention. Crap! He wants me right here, right now! I wanted to do a somersault.

Like the boss that he was, he asked me to strip for him. Without getting out of the bed, I held on to the hem of my shorts and slowly pulled it down revealing more of me. He instructed me to just leave my swimsuit on. I followed his command. His voice had suddenly become cold and yet so arousing. I couldn't help but do as he pleases. I was asked to lie on the bed again. My legs need to dangle on to edge as he asked me to make sure I was eagle spread on the bed for him. We weren't playing a kinky game and yet, I was already starting to pool for him. He immediately saw the wet part of my bikini and smiled wickedly at me. Gods! He was devilishly handsome. He crouched and was on his knees as he started to touch the most sensitive part of my bikini. He slid two of his fingers inside my wet sex and masterfully squeezed my clitoris. I gasped as my nails dug on to the cool sheets under me. His two fingers were torturing me as they continued to enter me. I was no longer in control of my body's movements as my hips undulated to meet his wicked fingers. I came as I held on to the now warm sheet behind me. It was an orgasm that I haven't had in a while but he wasn't done yet.

He tugged on his short revealing his massive erection. I couldn't help but stare at it as I try to imagine how it would fit me but I was too wrapped up in the moment that all I could do was lick my lips as I lusted after him. I should have snapped out of it. I should have convinced myself that he was my boss and that perhaps this whole seducing him idea wasn't so good at all but I was determined. What I want, I get. I blinked my eyes as I was frozen in place. He was now naked and was positioning himself to be above me. As my legs dangled on the side of the bed, he held on to his erection and slowly used its crown to tease my wet sex. I cried out. I wanted to dig my nails on his back as I urge him to enter me but I didn't want to look too desperate so I let him do what he wanted on his own pace. He suddenly plunged his erection into my core, shutting me up as I feel my breath being knocked out of me. Wow! He was huge! He moved his hips slowly as he tried to balance himself on the edge of the bed. He was building up speed and I liked it. As he started to speed up, I couldn't help but moan. Louder and louder as he went faster and faster. He kept on thrusting inside me as I kept on undulating my hips for him. I wanted more of him inside me. I couldn't help but just let him. Suddenly, he stopped and withdrew his erection from inside of me. I pouted at the loss. I suddenly saw him ripping a condom packet and putting it successfully on his penis before turning his attention to me. His eyes looked like they were a predator's. He was ready to devour me once more. I was consumed by his gaze. He asked me to be on all fours which I gladly obliged to. I felt like a sexy cat as I was on all fours in the middle of the bed. He crawled on the bed as well behind me. He held on my hips to keep me in place as he thrusted inside me. I moaned his name as my breasts moved to the rhythm that he was creating. I closed my eyes as I savored the moment. As he picked up speed, he suddenly smacked my behind. I should have felt violated but I ended up liking it. He slapped my behind again on the same place where his palm landed. The pain and pleasure mixed together has made me only lust for more. Holding me on my hips, he moved me as he maneuvered his way to lying on his back on the bed while his penis was still inside me. He wanted me to sit on him while I do the reverse cowgirl on him but it was a position that I have never done before but I am to please especially him. I straddled him as I moved up and down. Balancing on my hands was easy. It was keeping up to the pace that was hard. He groaned as I continued moving. I couldn't see his face but judging from the sound of his groan, it wasn't because of pain. I kept on moving and to surprise him, I turned around to face him. I wanted to look at him face to face as I straddled him. My breasts came to his view and he didn't want to leave them unattended. He propped a pillow behind him as I continued to move so that his erection would hit me on the right spot. I closed my eyes as he reached out for my nipples. He pinched them hard. I wanted to come once more but I stopped myself. I wanted him to come with me this time.

Then his hot mouth was on to my nipples, sucking on them, biting them. As he licked and pulled on to them and even twisted them, I felt myself being drugged as I was now addicted to his touch. My pace increased as our breaths started to get more erratic. He was nearing it and as his pulse raised so did mine. In one swift moment, he held on to my waist as he came. I came as he did and somehow I could have wished his hot seed was inside me. I know I sound like a dirty whore but hey, I really wanted to feel it squishing inside me in that moment. We were lying motionless and speechless on the bed a couple of moments after that. It was awkward I know. I didn't know how to act around him anymore. He smiled as he thanked me. He had a promising look in his eyes. It looked like he plan to continue doing devious things to me while we were there together and I would be a fool to pass this kind of opportunity ever again. The weekend soon passed and we had to leave but as we left paradise, I couldn't help but continue thinking about all the naughty things that we have done there. I know now of our sexual appetites. Insatiable – that is what we both were. We became regular bed partners after that and after a couple of months of warming of doing it anywhere we pleased to do it, we became official lovers. Yes, I was envied by my co-workers after that and when they asked me how I got to snag my man, I merely gave them an innocent look. If only they knew what I did on our supposed to be business trip. I couldn't help but giggle like a school girl at that thought. Yes, it is confirmed. I am a sexy, wicked employee who will have her boss at his knees begging for more this night. Need I ask for more?