A one night stand a few weeks ago

Sat, 12/08/2012 - 00:49 -- Guest

It is a mild Saturday afternoon and I am lounging around at home, in sweatpants, doing nothing in particular. I receive a few text messages from some friends asking what the plans were for the evening and after a little back and forth we decide to head out for a night of drinks and dancing. I invite my three female friends to come over to my house so we can get ready together. It is the usual scene; music, bottles of wine and makeup everywhere. I palm through my wardrobe trying to decide on what I should wear. It is a warmer night than usual so I decide I can get away with a dress. I choose a form fitting lacy dress, it is short, (like me!), white, and hugs my curves in all of the right places. I straighten and style my medium length, dark brown hair and get to work on my makeup.

I tend to use darker colours to accent my large, hazel eyes and use a light nude colour on my lips to soften my features. Black heels and a black jacket complete my ensemble and I am feeling quite excited and slightly giddy off the champagne I am drinking. As I spray on some perfume I overhear my friends chatting, one of them - Kara- complaining of how her boyfriend never joins us when we go out, she has been complaining about him for months and so much so that I'm not sure why they are even still together.

It is nearly 10pm so I call a cab and a few minutes later it arrives and we all pile in, giggling and fixing any stray hairs or loose dress straps on one another. I sit in the front seat and make small talk with the cab driver who is turning a blind eye to the fact that we brought along the remains of some of our wine. The drive into the city only takes ten minutes and he drops us off in front of our favourite bar. 'I've got it, I've got it!' Exclaims my friend, Carly from the back seat, as she fumbles around and then hands the cab drive some money.

We make our way into the bar, order ourselves a round of vodka-cranberries and squish into a table. A few more friends and friends of friends join us and I am in a happy, tipsy haze, laughing along and listening to different anecdotes. After about two hours we decide we are ready to head to a club and hit the dance floor. One of the girls decides to go home due to an early morning but Kara, Carly and myself are roaring to go. We walk across the street to a club and smirk at a few wolf whistles we are receiving. To be honest I quite like the attention and smile as I meet the eyes of a few handsome strangers.

Our ID's are checked, arms stamped, we walk down the stairs into the club and head straight to the dance floor. The club is full and loud, the loud dance music vibrating through the room. We start dancing, jokingly throwing in a few dirty moves; I grind up against Kara as she giggles and holds my waist. After awhile I am ready to take a breather so go and sit alone with my drink on a nearby couch. A guy sits down next to me. He is tall with dark messy hair, and although he is well dressed he looks like he has gone a few days without a shave and just generally scruffy. It's cute; I like scruffy. He looks over to me and smiles a mischievous grin and I can't help but smile back shyly. 'Hey, I'm Dan, are you having a good night?' 'Hi, I'm Gabby, yeah it's pretty good how is yours?' We get to chatting a little. He is easy to talk to and I we have a few things in common. Kara and Carly come up to us and inform me they want to go- its 2am and they are both tired. Dan looks at me and asks, 'does this mean you're leaving to?' I smile and say, 'no! I'm going to hang out for awhile.' I hug my drunk friends goodbye and Dan grins, takes my hand and pulls me onto the dance floor. We dance and his hands don't leave my waist the whole time. He pulls me in close and before I realize what is happening his lips are on mine, his tongue working his way into my mouth. He is a really good kisser.. I place my hand on the back of his head, running my fingers through his hair as we continue to kiss on the dance floor. His eyes look me up and down greedily, like he can't get enough of me. 'Should we get out of here?' He asks. I agree and we leave.

Dan doesn't live far away so we stumble to his house hand in hand. When we arrive I see it's a share house and we weren't the only ones who had had a big night, we say hello to a few of the guys who were displaced around the house and I giggle and follow him into his dark bedroom. He doesn't bother with the lights. He slams the door closed behind us and then presses me up against it. We kiss ferociously, my hands sneak under his shirt, feeling his muscular back." His hands drift down my sides and around to my ass, he then lifts me up, I wrap my legs around him and he carries me to his bed and puts me down on my back.

I lay on the bed, looking up at him; feeling almost helpless and adoring it. He pulls his shirt off over his head and lays on top of me. I run my hands over his chest and he starts kissing my neck, causing shivers to spread all over my body. Dan pulls me up and takes off my jacket and dress, leaving me in my black bra and panties. 'You're sexy as fuck,' he murmurs.. I pull him towards me and start kissing him again. We roll onto our sides, facing each other, and his hand reaches around to un clasp my bra. My breasts fall free and he catches them in his mouth, his tongue licking my nipples and making them hard.. I moan at the feeling and press myself against him, my pale skin soft and tingling with pleasure.

His finger tips trace over my nipples and down over the curves of my waist and hips, he grabs a handful of my ass and then begins caressing my thighs.. Taking it very slowly and then finally working his way towards my inner thighs.. I am almost squirming and relishing his touch, longing for him to touch me. I bite his lower lip a little and press my hand against the hardness in his jeans. He grunts in a sexy little way and slips a finger inside my wet panties, massaging my clit. I moan even louder, not caring any more of the other people in the house and arch my back in wanting. He finally slips two fingers inside me and starts fucking me with them. I desperately undo his belt and unzip his jeans. Dan smiles that mischievous grin again and moves my hand away from his pants. He sits up, slides off my panties and lowers himself so his face is between my legs. I feel such ecstasy as his tongue pushes inside me and he skillfully both licks and fingers me. It feels incredible and he takes his time to ensure I'm feeling good, instinctively I again reach down to pull off his pants, this time he helps me and takes them off. He is big, and hard, and I want him. He moves back up to face me and puts one of his fingers than was just inside of me in my mouth to make me taste myself. Our lips meet again and as we kiss I hold his cock and start playing and massaging him. He looks at me in approval and then closes his eyes.. 'Oh yes, that feels good..' I am feeling so wet and can't wait for him to be inside me. Without warning he pushes me down and slides himself inside of me.. And then pulls out again, teasing me so slightly. I gasp and grab his shoulders, pulling him close and he enters me again. He fills me up and starts fucking me hard, giving me what I've been craving. We kiss and fuck, ours hands still all over one another, trying to get as much of one another as we can. He grabs my knees and flings my legs over his shoulders so he can move in deeper and harder. I breathe his name and tell him how much I want to make him cum.. The sound of my words triggers him and he cums deep inside of me, groaning as he does. I feel his entire body shake as he then collapses on top of me, still inside me.

We lay like that for awhile until I hop up and start getting dressed.. I let him know I am going to leave and he offers me cab money, which I decline. I give him another kiss and leave.. No strings, no number, just some hot sex with a near stranger.