First double orgasm... also, first post!

Sat, 08/17/2013 - 20:28 -- bluee27

My boyfriend and I were sitting on the couch, waiting for family movie night to be over, for my guests to leave, and for my mom to go to her room. Finally, after hours that seemed like days, we were alone on my couch. We could hear soft noises coming from the television in my mother's room, and we had the TV on in my living room as well, to help cover our sounds. I looked at him and he looked at me and we both smiled. I moved closer to him and began kissing him, softly at first, and then more urgently.

He kissed back, deliciously teasing me with his tongue, tracing the outline of my lips and just barely sneaking his tongue inside my mouth. I began to kiss him harder, provoking the intense tongue-fucking I desired. He laid me down on the couch, wrapping one hand behind me and tracing the other over my body as he leaned on top of me. I was wearing thin pajamas bottoms with no underwear and a t-shirt and bra. Somehow, despite the layers covering my sensitive nipples, he found my left one and be began pinching it between the folds of my clothing. My hands cupped his head and my fingers raked through his hair as I moaned into his ear as softly as I could. The thrill of knowing my mother was right in the next room intensified every touch and made every movement feel urgent.

I began sucking right below his ear as I thrust towards him with my leg, feeling his rock-hard cock pressed tight between us, hardly concealed by his basketball shorts. Slowly, his hand dropped from my covered breast and began to roam over my lower body, from my hip to the soft mound of my pussy to my thigh and back again, touching lightly and teasingly over the fabric. He turns my head to the side and begins licking at my ear, occasionally swirling his tongue around. The sensation was indescribable and incredibly hot. I moaned and pulled his face toward me for a dirty, messy kiss. I was dripping wet by this point and could feel the fabric between my legs beginning to dampen. We began kissing again as his hand started to focus its massage around the juncture between my leg and my pussy lips. I twitched slightly as his hand rested there, tantalizingly close to my mound. He moved his hand slowly, never quite touching my lips, just massaging near them. I was so turned on I didn't know what to do. I couldn't stop the involuntary twitching of my skin. It was almost akin to being tickled, but the feeling was incredibly pleasurable. Finally, his hand moved right over the center of my pussy and his fingertips began a gentle circular motion over my clit and entrance. I started moaning in his ear again, occasionally tonguing it and kissing around his temples and earlobe when I could, eliciting a few low grunts from him. I love hearing his voice; I live for every little sound of pleasure that passes his lips. His voice is so sexy and he so rarely uses it that even the slightest sound is a major achievement.

Even though he's touching me through fabric, he knows how turned on I am. "You're so wet," he whispers into my ear. "I love your pussy. I wish I could just fuck you right now."

"Mmm, yeahhhh," I murmur into his ear. "You're so fucking good," I whisper. "I wish your cock was inside me right now."

The rhthym of his fingers circling my clit changes, and it's just right. I can feel my orgasm building. "Oooh, don't stop. That feels so gooooood," I breathe. Soon, I'm coming hard. "Fuckfuckfuckkkkk," I whisper into his ear. As I spasm slightly, his hand follows the movement of my hips as they try to wiggle away. He continues his focused circling. My left hand covers his, and I'm close to pushing his hand away from my overly sensitive clit when I feel another orgasm building. I'm tumbling over the edge again and completely losing control. "I'm coming again what the fuckkk," I hiss into his ear. "Holy fuckfuckfuckkkkk..." I do everything I can to keep from being too loud. The feeling is more intense than any other orgasm I have ever experienced, and coming right on the heels of my first, it completely rocks my world. I hear him chuckle slightly as he holds me through it, softening his touch between my legs but still stroking lightly. As I'm cumming I wildly kiss, lick, and suck every inch of his temple, ear included. I finally came down from my high and opened my eyes to meet his. We just locked gazes for a few moments until I pulled him close for a tight hug. I felt him still, hard against my leg. "That was so amazing, baby," I whispered. "Haha, thanks," he replied.

"What can we do for you?" I asked, sliding my hand between us and rubbing him as much as I could through his pants.

"I'm loving this," he said. His hand began to tease at the waistline of my pants, and soon he was touching me with no fabric barriers. His fingers quickly found my entrance and one was slid inside. I grunted. "Mmmmm. I love having you inside me," I breathed.

He began to fuck me slowly with that one finger, curling it upward and wiggling it to stimulate my gspot. It felt amazing. I wanted nothing more than to bring him upstairs to my room and let him fuck me, but I wasn't sure if my mom would object. Or notice. As he slid two fingers inside, my mind was made up. Regardless of the risk, I needed him inside me. All of him. "Let's go upstairs," I whispered into his ear. He slid his hand out of my pants and we both stood up. He tweaked my ass as I walked in front of him and we quietly headed up the stairs. We made it to my room and quickly found ourselves kissing. One of my hands pulled him tightly to me as the other scraped gently across his scalp. We broke apart and I began to tug at his shorts. I pulled them down and he stepped out of them, then took off his shirt. He hugged me tightly to him and lifted me up, throwing me gently on the bed. He reached for the waistband of my pants and pulled them down, revealing my nakedness. I lifted my butt to help him take them off. He glanced up at me and then buried his head between my legs, licking at the wetness there. I moan and lift my head to watch him. He is always sexy, but watching him lick my pussy is hotter than anything else I could possibly imagine. Eventually, he pulled away and stood up. I sat up and bent down to taste him, sucking briefly at his perfect cock. Then I kissed him and tasted myself on his mouth. "Get the condom out of my desk drawer," I said. I move myself up on the bed. He finds the condom and opens it, then rolls the thin sleeve onto his cock. He climbs on the bed and positions himself on top of me, then thrusts inside. I groan and wrap my legs around him, whispering how good he feels in his hear. "Fuck me baby, I love feeling your fat cock inside me."

"You're so tight, baby. You feel so good." He thrusts hard and deep and inside me, and I can feel every inch of him just where I need it most. I clench my internal muscles, tightening my grip on him. He moans and changes his rhythm, fucking me slower but harder. My hands rake over his back and I groan into his ear. Every stroke is pure pleasure, a perfect joining of our two bodies together. I look up at his face and lock eyes with him. "Come for me, baby," I urge. Soon, I watch as his eyes roll up into his head. He grunts as he comes, a look of pure bliss on his face. I love seeing his release and knowing I helped him to get there. I love feeling his weight slowly shift from his arms onto me as he loses control. Most of all, I love cuddling with him after. As he comes down, he slides out of me and lies beside me. I cuddle up to him and kiss him. He looks at me with tired, happy eyes. "Well, that was unexpected!"

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Be gentle, first timer here! I could possibly be encouraged to write more, and the boyfriend loves the idea of this being on I have no shortage of material, that's for sure. We can't really keep our hands off each other!