(F)ucked playing Wii (long read)

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This story is about playing the WiiFit with some male friends. I am going to assume that you guys are familiar with it and know what the games are. It’s been a few years, so I am going to recount the story as best as I remember it. This story ended up being super long because I tried to fit in as many details as I remembered. I broke down into 5 parts.

One Saturday morning about half-way through the fall quarter of my Junior year, I set out for my morning run. It had been threatening to rain the whole week, so I didn’t think much of the dark gray clouds in the sky. It was colder than usual, but I figured I would warm up from the run, so I wore tights, a sports bra and a tank top. I was about half way through my run when it started to drizzle. I rememebr that at first I didn’t think much of it, except how refreshing it was, but pretty soon the drizzle turned into a downpour and I was soaking wet. I was far away from home and figured I should find some shelter quick. I was pretty near to a friend’s apartment so I decided to stop by and see if he is home. By the time I got to his apartment I was soaking wet, all the way down to my socks. I was relieved that my light gray tights turned a darker color when wet and that my sports bra stayed opaque.

My friend E, who was also my lab partner, was home and immediately invited me in. Upon walking into his apartment I found 2 of his friends in the middle of playing with a Wii Fit. It had just come out and E was the only person I knew who had one. One was playing the soccer game and the other was sitting on the couch waiting for his turn. Even though it was only Saturday they were already all drinking. Upon walking in I was immediately offered a shot of vodka to “warm me up” which I found hard to refuse. I was still dripping on E’s carpet and shivering so I asked him if he had any warm clothes I could borrow. He apologized and said that he was in the middle of doing laundry, and like a typical college guy, he waited until ALL his clothes were dirty. He offered to throw my clothes in with the next load and said I could take a hot shower to warm up. Since I was freezing and wet and the vodka was starting to get to my head, I quickly took him up on the offer and headed to the bathroom.

Once inside, I turned on the hot water and quickly stripped off my wet clothes. The water felt great and the idea of being naked in a friends house was getting me excited. I remember that I looked over his selection of shampoos/soaps/etc... and found them lacking, but in retrospect I shouldn’t have expected much from a college guy in that department. While soaping myself I paid extra attention to my pussy and ass and I remember that I even stuck a soapy finger back there to make sure I was clean as can be. I took my time showering and started to think about what I would do once I was done. I suddenly realized that he didn’t offer me a towel and that my wet clothes were still on the floor. There was one towel hanging on the rack but I really didn’t feel like using his towel. I always find other people’s towels kind of disgusting. The idea that I might be seen naked, or at least nearly naked, combined with the heat in the shower and the shot of vodka I took was starting to make me horny. I slipped a finger between my pussy lips and rubbed my clit and thought a bit about whether I should risk masturbating in someone elses apartment when I was suddenly startled by a knock on the door.

E called me from the other side of the door and told me he hung a towel on there for me. So I shut off the water, tiptoed to the door and listened to see if he was still there. I couldn’t hear anything, so I opened the door a bit and peaked. There was no one there, so I opened it wider, grabbed the towel from the door handle and closed the door quickly. It wasn’t very big and he didn’t provide a towel for my head, but I didn’t have much choice in the matter. So I wrapped myself up as best I could and bent over to grab my wet clothes from the floor. While bending over I could feel the air on my bum and was very aware just how little the towel covered. I exited the bathroom, gave E my wet clothes and carefully sat down on the couch. The towel was so small that when sitting down I could feel the couch cushion on my naked butt. When I sat down, the bottom flap in the towel where it overlapped was pushed open by my legs, and I had to keep them tightly closed so as not to flash anyone. E went down to add my wet clothes to his load while I watched his friends play Wii Fit. They introduced themselves as M and D. I had seen them both around campus and I think I even had a class with one of them in the past. They were drinking while playing. Each time they picked a game they all tried to see who could get the highest score. The person with the lowest score had to take take a shot.

I had played Wii Fit before and I have a great sense of balance due to years of dancing classes and gymnastics, so when they asked if I wanted to play I agreed. Also I was bored just sitting there and already pretty horny from being naked and covered only in a towel, plus the interruption in the shower definitely didn’t help. If I remember correctly, they were playing the balance game where you try to put the balls into the holes in each platfrom. When it was my turn I got on the WiiFit mat and tried my best to win. I was keenly aware that with them sitting on the sofa, and with me standing, there was a real chance that they were getting a peek under the towel. I tried my best, but with a towel tightly wrapped around me I had limited movement and ended up losing.

My head was already starting to swim, so I asked them if we can switch to taking sips of beer instead. They agreed, although in retrospect I really should have asked for water after running. We played the ball/hole game a few more times until I managed to get the hang of it, by bending my knees and keeping my upper body rigid, I was able to get more movement without losing the towel. Although I am pretty sure that they were getting peeks at the bottom of my butt cheeks.

They asked me what game I wanted to play and I picked the soccer game they played earlier. It seemed like fun and like something I could do. It wasn’t as easy as it looked, and I had to hold the towel with one hand while playing, which led to me losing a few times. I then asked them to switch games, so they picked the hula hoop game. This game was impossible to play in a towel. I begged them to change to a new game, but they insisted that we should play it at least once. I was drunk and horny and excited by the idea that maybe they will see me naked by mistake, so I finally relented.

The first playthrough went terrible. Early into the game my towel started getting loose and I had to hold it together with one hand, while raising my other hand to try and catch the hoops. I ended up losing badly which pissed me off. I am pretty sure they can’t even hula hoop in real life while I was very good at it. Also, I am pretty sure they got a very good view of my pussy and ass while playing. I was trying to concentrate on the game, but I heard a few gasps. As the loser I took a sip of my beer and agreed to go again. This time I held onto my towel from the start, got a good rhythm gong and managed to grab a few of the hoops thrown at me. I tried to ignore their gasps as much as possible while knowing full well that I was flashing them repeatedly. I could only hope that it was only my butt cheeks peeking from under the towel and not my pussy or worse. Even with my better performance, I wasn’t even close to beating their score. The game repeatedly wouldn’t figure out that I was raising my hand and leaning so I caught a lot less hoops than them. They wanted to play again but I refused and asked for a new game.

This time they decided we should play the ski jump game. They went first and it seemed simple enough, but right as I got onto the board I realized that this was definitely not a game to play in a short towel. As I bent my knees and leaned forward for the start, I could feel the towel riding up my backside and a cool breeze on my pussy. All three of them gasped at once and for a moment I was ready to give up, but just then the game finished beeping and my little wii guy started down the slope. I tried to focus on getting the little red dot in the circle and kept waiting for the jump. It seemed to take forever, the entire time I remember thinking in my head how much of myself I was showing them. When the jump came I nailed it and had an amazing first score. If I had done badly I would have given up right then, but with such a score I knew I could win, so I adujsted the towel as low as it would go and got into position to go again. I was determined to win so this time I bent my knees and leaned lower. I could feel a cool breeze between my legs, and worse, this time I thought I felt a breeze between my butt cheeks, but I ignored it as much as I could and completed the jump. I ended up winning by a lot and when I turned around all three were sporting visible boners. No one complained about losing.

They wanted to go again but I knew better and said that I get to pick a new game since I won. Since I did so well with the ski jump game I decided to pick snowboarding. Since I won I got to go first. I got onto the pad but suddenly the game instructed me to turn it sideways. I tried pushing it with my foot but it wouldn’t budge, so without thinking about it I crouched down and lifted the wii fi and rotated it. Their audible gasp made me realize just how much I had shown them by bending down. I quickly stood up, pulled the towel back down and started the game. Unfortunately this game required a lot of bending over. My only saving grace is that I snowboard goofy footed so two of them were to my side (directly behind the tv) and the third guy was sitting on the second couch in front of me. By the time I was done, I realize that the two guys on the couch were leaning all the way over to try and get a peek at my butt.

I ended up losing the game so they picked hula hoop again. When it came to be my turn again I started off really well. Got the hoop spinning and was racking up points when the first hoop was thrown at me. I let go of the towel, raised both hands and caught the hoop and quickly brought my hand back to catch the towel. When the second hoop was thrown, I repeated the process, but this time the towel started coming apart and I barely managed to grab it and hold it together. I held the top part tight to my chest, but the bottom flap was completely open and for once I was glad that they were sitting behind me, because I was pretty sure my pussy was exposed.

Instead of stopping, I became more excited and was even more determined to win. I was wondering how much they could see from the reflection in the TV when the third hoop was thrown, I quickly let go of the towel, raised my arms and leaned hard to the side to catch the hoop. This caused the towel to completely come apart. I managed to catch one end of it before it fell to the ground and quickly clutched it to my chest, but this left my backside completely exposed. I was still swinging my hips, trying to get the highest score possible and my heart was racing. I couldn’t believe that I was flashing my naked butt at them while doing the hula hoop. They were going nuts, cheering and yelling and I just kept trying to catch the hoops thrown at me and to keep them spinning. When it was over I quickly wrapped myself in the towel and was disappointed that I didn’t even come close to winning. They were laughing and told me that I suck at hula hooping. I tried to explain to them that it was hard to do it with the towel, and they brushed it off as an excuse.

So with my heart racing, and the excitement going to my head, I told them that if I were to win in hula hoop they would have to get naked and I would get to wear their clothes instead. They argued a bit and in the end convinced me that if I were to win, the loser would get naked and I would get to wear his shirt. I definitely didn’t want to wear any of their underwear (eww) and I tried arguing for the pants too, but I knew that they would probably be too big on me. I hoped that the taller of the three would lose so at least I would be more covered in a tshirt than in a towel.

I reluctantly agreed and started a new game. They were still in shock that I actually agreed so I quickly got onto the pad, and right as the game started I whipped off the towel and threw it to the side. I can’t even describe the rush of excitement that flooded over me as I was suddenly naked in a guys’ living room. I tried my best to focus on the game because I knew that I had to win, otherwise I’d look really stupid. I did my best to ignore my nudity and the alternating cool breeze on my pussy and ass as I swung back and forth. I grabbed all the hoops and managed to get the high score. I quickly got off and reached for my towel but found E holding it tight, saying that I’ll get it back after they went and it was sure that I won. I was debating whether to try and wrestle it away from him, but seeing as I was naked and giving them quite a show, I instead opted to sit on the couch and cover myself as best as possible. I easily won as the three of them got their worst scores. I guess having a naked girl behind them distracted them too much. Unfortunately for me it was M who lost, and since he was the shortest of the 3, winning his shirt wasn’t much better than having the towel.

With a dejected look on his face, M quickly stripped naked, threw his shirt at me and sat on the couch. I got a quick look at his penis, erect and standing in attention before he sat on the couch and tried to cover it with his hands. I noticed that after my naked performance all three of them seemed to be sporting hard ons. I quickly slipped M’s shirt over my head and put my hands in my lap to try and hide my pussy as much as possible. I remember thinking that the shirt smelled surprisingly good. I am guessing M was better at doing his laundry. As the winner, it was my turn to pick a game.

I was horny as hell and really wanted to flash them again, so I decided to pick one of the yoga poses instead. M protested loudly but E and D shut him up since they figured it was the easiest way to see me naked again. I picked the tree pose and as the previous winner, I went first. The shirt was already barely covering my butt, and when I got into the pose it immediately rose up revealing my naked lower body to them. My brain was doing backflips trying to decide if I should be deathly embarrassed that I was half naked in this pose or if this is incredibly exciting. I was already very wet, and to make matters worse, not only was there a visible wet patch on the bottom of the shirt, my pussy lips had opened up revealing my inner lips. I like to keep it clean down there and had just gotten waxed a few days before and even opted to have my ass bleached. I am always really embarrassed that the skin around my pucker is a darker color. I left a thin landing strip, but otherwise I was completely bare. The shirt rode up all the way to the top of the landing strip, but I am pretty sure that at least my ass pucker wasn’t visible. I breathed in deeply and did my best to keep the red ball in the center, and when I was done I was sure that I had won.

E and D went next, and M, completely naked, was last. He had a very hard time holding the pose and I was going crazy looking at his erect penis and muscular ass. I think this was the moment when my inhibitions went completely out the door and I wanted really badly to be fucked. Despite his naked performance, M did not have the lowest score. E looked completely shocked and confused when I demanded that he get naked. He started to argue before D jumped in and said that if I were to lose again I would have to get, and stay naked as well. Realizing that this might lead somewhere, E stopped arguing and got naked as well. My heart was beating so fast at the realization that I was practically naked in a room with 2 other naked guys that I almost fainted. I had checked out E before during lab, but seeing him naked let me to appreciate just how good looking he was.

As the clear winner, it was up to me to select another pose. I ended up picking the half moon and luckily that led me to flash them a lot less than before. Part of me wanted to flash them even more, but I didn’t want things to be too obscene or to make them realize just how horny I was. I still wasn’t sure how far I was willing to take it. I was a bit distracted with all the nudity in the room, and ended up making a costly mistake and coming in 2nd. I was happy that I didn’t lose, but disappointed that D was not the loser, E was. He was just about to take a swig of beer when I decided to try and embarrass them. They were clearly not comfortable being naked infront of me or each other, so I told E that since he was already naked then he needed to do a dare. He immediately started protesting before D and M started excitedly whispering at him. They weren’t being as quiet as they thought and I figured out they were hoping I would lose so they could dare me to do things. I started getting a bit worried, but since it wasn’t me doing a dare I was also interested to see what the winner, D would pick.

D looked at me, then at E, and said E has to do 10 jumping jacks infront of me. D then winked at me. I thought that was pretty funny and agreed. It was hilarious seeing E’s penis bob up and down as he jumped and he was clearly very embarrassed by the situation. As the winner, D got to pick the next pose and he picked the sun salutation. I immediately knew what he was up to, since the pose requires the player to bend completely over and touch their toes. D went first, getting a pretty crappy score, obviously more interested in getting through the pose as quickly as possible so he can watch me, and then it was my turn. M and E were already sitting down on the couch behind me, covering themselves as best as they could, and D tried to get in between them as well. It was hilarious watching all three of them try not to touch each other. I got up on the pad, turned around and asked them if I really had to do this, and all three immediately replied YES! I noted that M and E would have to do it naked as well, but they didn’t seem to mind. I remember one of them jokingly saying “I wipe” as if their worry was whether their butts were clean or not. I was really happy to have showered right before.

The pose starts badly right off, with my butt sticking out and the shirt riding high. I had half a mind to just whip it off and do the pose naked, but then figured that at least my breasts were covered even if I was about to flash them my most private region. When I had to bend over and touch my toes, I felt a cool breeze all the way from my pussy to my butthole. I was really glad that I waxed and bleached back there. Right as I reached my toes, the shirt, already too big for me, slid all the way down over my face revealing my breasts to them. All three sucked in their breath as I held the pose. I could feel the wetness between my legs and I wondered if they noticed just how horny I am. I was so excited and horny, I probably would have orgasmed instantly if one of them had touched me. When I came up again, I had to pull the shirt off my head which messed up my score. I finished the pose, straightened the shirt, and sat down on the couch to the side and was surprised at how low my score.

D quickly joined me on the couch, whether he just wanted to sit next to me or if he was trying to avoid seeing M and E’s butt I am not sure. M went first with E covering his eyes, then they switched. I have to say I remember thinking that it was not particularly sexy for a guy bend over naked like that and I was worried that maybe I wasn’t being as sexy as I thought. When it was over it was clear that I had lost and E had won. It was up to him to dare me to do something. I held my breath as I waited to hear the dare. E stood there naked, looking at me. I asked him what the dare and he thought for a bit. I could see that he was contemplating how much he can ask for. Finally, looking a bit embarrassed, he asked for a blowjob. I almost died.

M and D were looking at me to see what I’d say. I can’t even describe the conflict inside of me. Part of me knew it was all leading to this, but I wasn’t sure that was ready. I still hadn’t responded when E said that a dare is a dare and I had to do it. I didn’t say anything, just nodded, got on the ground infront of him and with one hand grabbed his cock. I was about to put it in my mouth when I realized that I was still wearing the shirt. It wasn’t my turn to do dares yet since I wasn’t naked yet. I quickly got up and told them this. My victory was short lived though as they all three pointed out that while its true, now I had to get naked and stay naked.

They had already seen everything, but pulling off that shirt was still really hard to do. It took me a few moments, but when I finally convinced myself to do it I quickly whipped it off and threw it to the side. Then sat down, covering myself as best as I could and waited for E to pick the next game. He switched back to the balance games, obviously intent on finding one that they could beat me at, and picked the soccer one again. I knew I was fucked since I sucked at it when we played it earlier. He was about to start when I told them that we need to state what the dare for the loser is before the game starts, so we know what the stakes are. E immediately said that the winner would get a blowjob from me, if I were to lose. I told them ok, but if one of them is the loser he needs to jerk off infront of all of us. The happily agreed and I remember wishing that I could think of something more embarrassing. I figured my best bet was to get them all to cum as fast as possible. Don’t get me wrong, I was horny and dying for some cock, but still as the only girl with 3 guys there I was unsure if I was ready for what might happen. I also said that D had to get naked too. To my surprised he agreed as well.

When it was my turn I got on the balance board and did my best to concentrate on winning. This time there was no hiding behind a towel or a tshirt and I knew all my goods were on display. Free of worrying about how much I was flashing, I did a lot better than before, but in the end I still lost while E had won. I was hoping my nudity would be a distraction that would allow me to win, but in the end I guess the promise of a blowjob was too enticing. E triumphantly stood infront of me, his penis in attention, and without any choice I got down my knees. When my butt touched my heels I was again aware that I was completely naked, about to blow a naked guy infront of his naked friends. I took him in my mouth, and decided that if I was going to give him a blowjob, I would give him one to remember me by. I licked, slurped and sucked on his penis while holding the shaft with my hand. I then started stroking him while cupping his balls with my other hands. He had his hands on his side, but before long he started moving his hips back and forth and then he started fucking my mouth. At first slowly, but then faster and faster. I did what I could to keep up and before long he cried out that he was cumming. The first spurt hit the back of my throat and I could feel his penis pulsing in my hand. I kept my mouth tight around his shaft as he came in my mouth, trying my best not to swallow his seed while continuing to rub his shaft up and down. When he was done I quickly got up and ran to the bathroom sink to spit it all out.

I washed my mouth, then came back out to the living room. E, his penis soft, was already picking the next game. This time they picked the bubble game. I never played it before and didn’t realize just how impossible hard it was. Before they started I asked them what the next dare would be. They looked at each other, clearly trying to decide how far they could push me, when E, as the only one there who knows me, just looked at me and said “sex”. I stood there for a second, thinking just how ridiculous the whole situation was. I was standing there naked with 3 naked guys. I was actually kind of glad they didn’t just ask for blowjobs. I waited a bit, then told them that I needed more details. I didn’t want to lose and then be forced to do something I wasn’t ready for. They were confused so I explained that they needed to tell me the position, where we would be doing it, and for how long we would be doing it. They thought about it a bit, when I suddenly got an idea. I told them that if I lost, I would be willing to sit on the winner while I play the next round. They were confused so I told them that we would switch to playing wii tennis, and if I lost I would sit on the winner while playing both of the other guys. This way no one could win twice. Then they asked what would happen if I won, and I blushed deeply and quickly blurted out that I get to sit on the guys face. Their eyes opened up so wide I almost died from embarrassment at my own suggestion. They quickly agreed and switched to playing wii tennis.

E and I played against each other, with me winning, and then M and D played against each other, with M winning. Then M and I played. It wasn’t even close as he beat me easily. I debated whether to tell them that E and D have to play against each other to see who the real loser was, but I was horny and excited at the idea of playing Wii Tennis while getting fucked, so I put on my best shocked expression, swore, and stood next to the couch while looking at M. All three of them exchanged glances, probably trying to decided whether to correct me or not, before M quickly sat down and leaned back on the couch, his cock pointing straight up.

I walked over to M, turned so my back was to him and positioned myself above his cock. I grabbed it with one hand and slowly lowered myself as E and D looked on. Right as his cock touched my pussy lips I suddenly remembered to ask about protection. M and D looked at E, and he blushed and said he’ll go get some condoms. I stood up again and waited for him to return. It took him awhile, and I’ll never forget the disappointment on his face, as he couldn’t find any. All three of them looked at me, figuring that the fun was over, but I was already horny as hell. I remember telling them “fuck it” and I quickly got back into position above M, grabbed his cock and slid myself down. We both let out an audible moan as his cock slid inside me. E and D were standing there with their mouth wide open. I asked them to hand me a Wii remote and asked them which one was going to go first.

Instead of starting the game E and D looked at me, and then one of them asked what the next dare would be. I told them to just play but they refused to start until I agree to the next dare. I knew that they were trying to embarrass and to stall since M was allowed to fuck me until we finished playing, so I blurted out that they can pick whatever dare they want as long as we just start. They shrugged and agreed.

I was trying to my best to concentrate on the game while M was doing his best to try and get as much movement from me as possible. At first he was lying there pretty still, but as soon as I started playing and swinging he started rocking his ass up and down. I was playing E first, and D was sitting on the couch to the side while staring at me as I was playing. I still blush when I think about the show I was giving him. There was no way for me to cover up anything as I sat on M and swung my wii remote around. Despite the fucking going around behind him, E kept his cool and easily beat me. He and D switched places while M continued to fuck me as best as he could.

The situation was driving me crazy. I was actually trying to play wii tennis while getting fucked. By now M was fucking me as hard as the position would allow and I was missing shots left and right. D was taking his sweet time and I realized he was stalling to allow M to fuck me for as long as possible. My breasts were bouncing up and down and I had to put one hand down to keep myself from falling. I was just starting to feel an orgasm building when suddenly M stopped and I felt the first spurt of cum deep inside my pussy. I could feel his penis pulsating inside my pussy as he blow load after load. D had stopped playing and was looking at me, and I told him to keep playing so we can get this over with. M was still inside of me when we finished the round, with D winning easily. Even though M was still in me, I could feel his cum dripping down.

I got off M, my legs wobbly and D grabbed my hand to help steady me. I could feel the cum running down my leg, so I excused myself to the bathroom to clean up. When I came back D and E were playing each other. Obviously to try and figure out who gets to dare me. I told them to wait so they paused the game and asked them to tell me what the dare would be before they finish the game. D and E looked at each other and E immediately blurted out that the winner would get to fuck me on the couch. Then before I could respond they turned around and unpaused the game. I sat down on the couch next to M and watched them play, knowing that whomever would win would get to fuck me next. I remember the game took forever, and when they were done D had won. I still remember the look of disappointed on E’s face. As the only one of them who actually knew me I knew he wanted to fuck me the most.

I asked E if he had any sort of lubricant and he came back with some lube. I remember thinking it was interesting that he was conveniently out of condoms but had plenty of lube available. D instructed me to lie on my back on the couch and got on top of me. He didn’t waste any time lubing up his penis and sliding it right into my pussy. I remember not being surprised that no one said anything about condoms, but I was surprised that D didn’t mind the sloppy seconds. I opened up my legs and spread them to give D better access. M and E were both standing next to us watching me. It was a huge turn on getting fucked while they watched me. I guess teasing them with my half naked antics got them all too horny, because D moaned and blew his load inside my pussy after a few minutes.

When D pulled away, E immediately stepped up, ready for his turn, but I stopped him and told him that he had to earn it. I wanted him to fuck me, but making him win a turn with me was a huge turn on. We played another round of tennis, just me and E. I didn’t even bother cleaning up after D finished and I could feel his cum running down my legs the entire time. It was a close game, but E was obviously very distracted and I managed to beat him. I remember that he was very worried that I was going to make him eat me out after both his friends cummed in my pussy.

Since I won I asked him to finger me. I think he was a bit grossed out because of D’s cum, but I didn’t care. I was letting them fuck me and giving them a show so why not make them work for it? E set to work, sliding first one finger and then adding a second one. I then asked him to put a finger in my ass and he promptly pulled one finger out of my pussy and placed it on my pucker. I asked D and M for the lube, and E started working his finger in. I remember raising my butt to give him better access as he pushed his finger all the way in. Then as he finger fucked me I asked D and M if they can suck on my nipples. The stimulation drove me crazy and before long I had a huge orgasm. E pulled his fingers out and went to clean his hands up while I lay on the couch basking in the afterglow of my orgasm.

When he came back I sat up, grabbed the wii remote and told him that he still had to win to fuck me. I think he was a bit pissed, especially after both his friends already got to fuck me. He said he was willing to play, but if he won he got to do whatever he wanted to me. I wasn’t sure what that meant but I was still horny, despite the orgasm, and liked the idea of being forced to do something based on something as trivial as a wii game so I agreed. We played and E won easily, I don’t think I even scored once!

He lead me to the side of the couch and told me to bend over. I asked him to use lube since I wasn’t sure how wet I’d be after the orgasm and he grabbed it and poured it all over his cock. He then proceeded to fuck my pussy while grabbing my sides. I remember my boobs swinging like crazy as he fucked me hard, obviously he waited a long time to do this. I started feeling another orgasm coming so I brought one hand back to play with my clit. Just as I felt my orgasm building E pulled out and I felt the head of his cock on my butthole. I turned around to say something, but he just looked at me and immediately said that I agreed to let him to do whatever he wanted. So I just told him to use a lot of lube.

He started pushing his cock in and I went back to playing with my clit. I noticed M and D intently staring at my face, which surprised me. They were more interested in seeing my expression when E entered my ass then watching him do the deed. When he was all the way in I finally relaxed and he started pumping in and out of my ass. I felt an orgasm building and started rocking back and forth with E’s movements. Suddenly M reached over and grabbed my nipple between two of his fingers. That sent me completely over the edge. I moaned loudly as an orgasm flooded over my body. I guess my contractions caused E to blow his load, because I suddenly felt his penis pulsating and felt him cum deep in my ass.

E pulled out and I felt his cum spilling out from my ass, over my pussy and legs. I stayed bent over the couch for a while, my legs too weak to stand up. Finally two of them helped me up and helped me get to the bathroom. I took another shower and was again interrupted by a knock, and before I could answer, E walked in carrying the towel I left in the living. I guess after fucking my ass in front of his friend she didn’t think I’d mind him seeing me naked in the shower. I thanked him and asked if he wanted to join me. He got in and helped me clean up.

When we were done he told me that M and D went home. He asked if I was hungry, so we ordered pizza and lay on the couch, watching tv. Afterwards he went down to the laundry room to get my clothes, I thanked him and walked back home. I saw him again a few days later at lab. We fucked a few more times after that, but once the quarter was over we stopped seeing each other.

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Toward the end of my Sophomore year in college, I dated this guy for a bit. We were really into each other and it felt like things were getting serious quickly. Over the summer he invited me to go on vacation with his family. I want to share my experience here.