Through the wall [M/F]

Mon, 11/25/2013 - 00:27 -- Anonymous (not verified)

From my room I hear him open the front door. Intently I listen to hear a second pair of shoes on the kitchen floor. My ears register only one and my mind returns to the article I am reading.

One, two caps being popped from the bottles in the fridge. I had let out my breath already thinking that it was just him, but it's not. He's with her. The door to his room creaks and I know what is happening.

For awhile I wonder & I think & I fantasize. Just when will it happen? How will I feel? Can I handle it?

Then the moans. I know the moans, the way his tongue caresses and his lips melt, the way I give in. When she starts, I am sad & depressed. I want to be the one making those noises, how does he make those women make those noises when I can't. Slowly my mind begins to process those moans and convert them into signals to my clit.

The noises she makes transform into my own. Fully clothed, I am feeling him fucking me, through her voice, through the wall. The breathing sync's with mine. Her noises! I imagine what he is doing to her. I imagine how her thighs must feel. I make those noises when I ride his face. Is she doing that to him? Is he making her twitch and moan and cum and cum and cum...

Sitting here, I am torn between continuing to listen and torture my clit and become a cuckold or turning on noise to block out how I want to watch him pleasure her. But it's not her I'll be turned on by. It's him. Knowing how he pleases and watching please her. I want to watch his hands move and cock move. I want to hear what he says (does he call her his slut like he does me) and hear her on his cock.

No more can I listen as I sit in my bedroom while my lover is on the other side of the wall. The clothes I am wearing that I have been all day because I'm sick remind me there's no fucking in my near future. So I put on a movie on loud to cover the pleasure he gives.

His cock is pounding her, the bed is moving. I feel it inside me. She is gasping. I feel him in me, making me gasp & my eyes flutter & I impale myslef on him. Does she give in? Does she give in to the ecstacy? And I hope she does.

In the background, they have subsided. He is pleased. She is satiated. I am in my clothes that I have been wearing since I got this cold. My clit is throbbing. I want to be the next one to make noise.