The Reunion Hook Up That I'll Never Forget

Sat, 03/02/2013 - 13:22 -- Anonymous (not verified)

It was 6 years after meeting her in college. I admired her cute smile and her lovable personality. She was one of the most beautiful females in my school. I have always liked but I never seem to have gotten the courage to tell her how I truly felt. To me, she was nothing more than a crush that I would never forget. After graduating, I never saw her again. I didn't expect to see her on the wedding of one of our classmates. It was like she hasn't changed at all. She just looked older but a lot hotter. I immediately fell in love with her once again as I saw her at the reception. Good thing that this time around I am not as passive as I once was. Seeing her alone on the table, I went there and asked her to dance. She smiled at me and let me dance with her.

As the night went on, we continued to drink and suddenly when she felt tipsy, I felt the need to accompany her to one of the empty rooms in the manor where the wedding reception was held. As I helped her on the bed, I couldn't help but admire her. As I removed my hands off of her, she suddenly held on to me and pulled me closer. Her hot lips were meshed into mine in an instant and I couldn't help but get carried away with it. The petting got heavy inside the room as both our hands started to move. It wasn't long before we were already naked and ready for some more. I couldn't hold myself back. Whether she wanted me only because she was drunk or because she truly did, did not bother me in the slightest. I was taking advantage of the situation as I know it will never happen again.

I aggressively went above her and started sucking on her pert pink nipples. She arched her back as she moaned. I was relentless. I couldn't help but fondle her and continue sucking on her. I used my tongue to lick her as well. As my mouth continued to be hot on her skin, my fingers started to seek her heated core. As soon as I felt her folds, I played with her clit using my fingers to pinch it. I twisted it as she writhed in ecstasy. She came in an instant as my fingers were inside her. I let my mouth seek her heated core. I licked her as my fingers continued to penetrate her. I wanted to make her come once more before penetrating her with my straining erection. She was drunk and horny. I gave her the release that she hoped for. Her body sagged underneath me as she moaned once more.

She begged for me to be inside her. How could I refuse that? I hurriedly took the pack of condom that I had in my pocket. It fell on the floor. I picked it up and placed the condom on my erection. I entered her in an instant. I was too excited to be sensitive of her. I did not even realize that I was probably too big for her. I held on to her waist as I thrust my hard on in and out of her. I came hard and so did she. I rolled on the side of the bed as we were both spent. It was one of the best one night stands I have ever had. In the end, she became my girlfriend and our relationship just keeps on getting stronger. I am glad she liked it rough.