the depression that lead to a one night stand

Sat, 03/02/2013 - 13:42 -- Anonymous (not verified)

Last year was one of the saddest and most unforgettable parts of my life. At that time, I found out that my boyfriend have been cheating on me for his office mate. It hurt so bad that I locked myself up in my room for a week. I was a mess. After a week of crying myself out, drinking alone, singing inside my room and ordering take outs, I decided that I should go out and get myself some fresh air. I ended up calling my older sister after an hour of wandering aimlessly in the shopping mall. She and his boyfriend picked me up. It turns out that they were having a party in their home. When we got there, I never expected that there would be so many men out there. I wanted to get out of there as soon as I saw them but then again, I realized that I was single once again. Why should I stay away? I decided to let my sister's boyfriend introduce me to his friends and his cousin. I immediately saw how cute he was. My sister dragged me to the other room to have a little girl talk however, her boyfriend and his cousin joined in as well. We left the crowd having fun outside.

I couldn't help but tell them everything. I cried as I drank some beer. They kept on consoling me. Suddenly, my sister's phone rang and she answered it. She realized that she needed to pick up some of their friends who did not know how to go to their house. Her boyfriend immediately said that he should be driving as she did not have a license. She did not object with that. As the couple left, I was left alone with his cousin as we both continued to drink beer while talking. Five minutes ticked by and I suddenly felt strange. There was something in the way he looked at me that made me just want to do naughty things with him. Before I could realize what was going on, he has already moved forward and has already started kissing me. I wanted to object as I did not know him well but I just couldn't. He kissed really well and I just gave in. The heat inside me made me want to just consent to what he was doing. As his hands roamed all over my body, groping me, kneading me, a moan escaped my lips.

We were both just in our underwear as we continued to pet each other. We were panting but we couldn't care less. We were naked in no time as I was letting him have his way with me. I badly needed connection. I know this was wrong. A rebound romance wasn't what I wanted but somehow I couldn't stop myself from consenting to what was going on. Good thing he had a condom ready as I continued to pump inside me doggy style that night. I couldn't stop moaning. I even let him spank my behind as we both came in unison. It was one of the most memorable moments in my life. I have never had sex with a stranger before. It was my first one night stand. Most of all, it was my first time to do it while in a party that isn't mine. We have been friends with benefits since then but sometimes I wonder if he wants to move to the next stage. But I guess I will have to leave that question open for later. For now, I will just enjoying the passion between us. Who am I to complain?