The Cheating Game: Reasons Why You Should Never Play With Fire

Sat, 02/23/2013 - 18:53 -- Anonymous (not verified)

They say that there is always two sides to cheating. I wouldn't disagree with that. The first side is the horrible side however, the other side is that cheating might just be beneficial for you and your partner. Personally, I think that cheating is wrong however, it is up to you to decide which is which. Cheating is controversial. Most men and women cheat on their partners at some point of being in relationships. Perhaps cheating is never really all that bad. Maybe there might be redeeming qualities to it that we most overlook. I'm not really implying that all men and women should go out and be unfaithful. I am also not implying that all people cheat on their partners all the time. All I am saying is that man was made curious. Curiosity drives us to venture into forbidden territory.

First of all, why do we even cheat? Cheating might generally mean that you are not fully satisfied with your partner or perhaps you feel that something is missing in your current relationship. Think about it. If you were truly happy and completely in love with your relationship, then why would you ever jeopardize everything for a short time fling or a one night stand? When men cheat, it's basically because they are looking for something that their girlfriend or wife that they cannot provide or is not providing. Most of the time though, it comes to sex. Let's face it. Men are generally, explorers. A lot of men who are in serious relationships can't really stay faithful in relationships forever. After a couple of years, they do. The reason is simple. After being in a long term relationship, they feel that they are missing out on something. Most of the time, they get frustrated and need to get it out of their systems. It doesn't just happen to men but it happened to some women as well. Which is why they say we are insatiable and that monogamy only last for a couple of years.

Exploring new things is good. Why? Because you realize that after cheating that nothing is special with it and they probably wouldn't do it again. This is a good thing because it prevents them from being unfaithful later on when things are more complicated. I am sure you don't want your partner cheating on you when you already have a lot of children and you are already married. That would end up in a very bad divorce and what would happen to your children then? Would you want your children to be without a father or a mother? I am sure not. When you are with someone for a long time, sometimes you take them for granted. You might not want to do so but sometimes it does happen. Perhaps because you have been so comfortable with them for so long that you forget how lucky you are. Cheating involves a lot of lustful feelings of physical attraction which means it is nothing long-term. You are just looking for a thrill for a short-time and you know you need to find it elsewhere.

Most people who cheat on their partners feel guilty as they lie in bed next to their unsuspecting partners. This is only because they cheated and yet the experience of explosive lust just wasn't able to measure up to what they thought it would be like. Because of that, they remember the good quality of their partner beside them. After all, your partner is the only person who probably loves you and understands you a lot aside from your parents that is. Unfortunately though there are some stubborn people who don't know what they got until it's gone. Don't be one of those people. It is truly not worth it. Let's face it, you cheat for lust. That's all. That is not enough to last long. Relationships are better than that. There is more stability in a relationship than in an affair. But then again, nothing really lasts forever. About 95 percent of relationships, married or not has a 90 percent failure rate.

You will probably have regrets but always consider it a learning experience. The bottom line is that cheating is disrespectful towards your partner but also remember that the beneficial aspects of it would have to be the following. First, the cheater realizes his/her mistake and starts appreciating his/her lover more after the horrible deed has been done. Secondly, cheating helps one realize the misery that is happening in their current relationship and perhaps will give one a wake up call to not waste your time any longer and to move on for something more. There are reasons why you should never play with fire and here are more that you need to know. Always remember that when you have more sexual partners than just one, you only expose yourself to the risk of getting STDs. The chances of you getting STDs are higher with so many partners than with just one. If you are a man, your penis might actually literally suffer from the sexual abuse. Remember that since affairs are forbidden, usually you get to have sex in different odd places and sometimes in a rush. Because of this, according to research, men don't have total control over their manhood which might just end up getting fractured or even getting crushed in the process. I am sure that if you are a man, you wouldn't like that.

Affairs are not just illegal, think about how costly they would be. Not just because you need to shell out extra money for your lover but at the same time, you need to invest a little time in it as well. What if you get into a very deadly affair when there is blackmail involved? I am sure after being involved with one will not just ruin your life but others as well. You wouldn't want to be publicly scandalized because of one mistake, do you? I am sure you will never be able to show your face in front of the people that you knew for a long time again. If you are married, you will end up getting divorced and if you have children, think about the financial support and all that fuss. Save yourself from all the trouble. Stay away from affairs.

Lastly, cheating is bad for your health. How? It is bad for your heart. Getting caught is bad enough, men who actually cheat on their wives now have to worry about another issue. That is nothing but sudden death. Research actually proves that among more than 5 thousand people who died from sudden heart complications, 75 percent of them died while having sex during extramarital affairs. You might not believe it but a person's heart is said to fail if one gets a younger partner, is in an unfamiliar setting or because he/she has been engaging in sex after excessive food or alcohol consumption. Cheating is a horrible idea, no matter how you look at it. Cheating might be an in thing especially for those couples in Hollywood but as a regular person, why would you want your life to be that interesting and that dramatic? You don't need all this drama. Cheating is a crime except only a few people think it is but nobody can tell you that. Sometimes you just need to realize it for yourself. Cheating is a learning experience so learn well.