Small town Saturday night 2007

Fri, 07/19/2013 - 23:13 -- Anonymous (not verified)

Trapped in a small town in the middle of nowhere, headed to a street dance, with my dad. Blah, 17 years old and desperate to be treated like an adult, not knowing what that really meant. All I wanted was my freedom, and being stuck in the middle of no where for my so called summer vacation I was not in the best mood. Looking back now as a 23 year old, Street dances are now my favorite thing. I look forward to them all year and my chance to get out in the country. Where men are real, and theres something magical about dirt roads and headlights.

My dad and I pulled up parked on the one paved road of town. Main street, which consists of a one pump gas station, a post office, a church, a bank, the town water and the bar. They have half of the street tied off, the band is outside playing and its busy. As busy as a little town of 200 people can be. My dad spots some family friends and we start walking towards them. Suddenly I realize its him. Teddy and his dad. Teddy is the definition of a hot farm guy. Hes 6’3 and tan and lean but muscular, golden brown hair with square shoulder and an adorable smile. Hes 24 and looking hotter than ever. I haven’t seen him since I was an awkward kid. And now I’m all grown up, 5’5 with perfect perky breasts and hips and tiny waist. Thank god I decided to wear my jean skirt and a cute top. Just incase. I’ve had a crush on teddy my entire life. And for the first time ever he looks at me and I can tell he sees me! I smile and say hi he says hey, and does this hott shoulder shrug while he puts his hands in his pockets.

My dad and his dad deiced to go inside to get a beer, and leave teddy and I outside. We think they are going to be gone for the rest of the night and I apologize that teddy got stuck baby sitting me. He laughs and says you don’t need baby sitting do you? I smile and say no. We walk over to his motorcycle where he has a 12 pack of Bud light cans bungee corded to the back. He tosses me a beer and we go for walk. “Town” consists of 2 or 3 blocks of sad houses. North Dakota winter is rough on every thing, even the houses were people are trying the paint is chipping off and things look sad. We turn down a darker street, laughing and flirting talking about life and getting to know each other all over again even though we have both known each other our whole lifes. We finally stop and sit at picnic table, I sit down and he sits extremely close to me. At this point I start to wonder if he might be hitting on me. (duh!) He always seemed so out of reach to me. Teddy is 8 years older than me, and when your little kid that’s a big deal. Not realizing I now look hot as hell, and he is in fact hitting on me, I continue to play stupid just to be sure before I make a move.

I turn on the bench, now straddling it, and facing him. I ask, “were not related are we?” He laughs and says “I was just thinking about that! I don’t think we are” We have an awkward moment of silence, then he reaches over and grabs my phone. “Hey!” jumping up trying to get it back from him. “You cant go through that I say!” I reach over him and he holds the phone just out of reach one hand with the phone, the other on my back. Chills run through my whole body. His hand was so warm and so large, I felt like he must have been covering my entire back with it. Not wanting to be obvious that I am enjoying this, I take advantage of the moment and reach up and take my phone back. We play this game a few more times, I eventually give up, knowing full well he will find naked pictures of me. When he finds them, I jump up laughing, pretending to be embarrassed. At this point weve had a few beers, and ive finally got a little nerve built up. Instead of coming back to the table I keep walking. He gets up, where are you going, I laugh looking back, catch me if you can. I have to admit I didn’t make it very hard. He grabs my hand and we stumble, he catches me and balances me. Then we walk arm in arm down the darkest street we can find. His hands wander all over, his warm strong fingers play with my hair, rub my back, slid all over my ass and then under my shirt. I fight him off, half heartedly loving every second of the attention, from this hot farm sex god. Finally he pushes me up against the tail gate of a truck parked on the street. Nobody was around but I didn’t care. There could have been a full audience. He kisses me, and this wasn’t just a kiss, this was the most intense amazing kiss of my life. He consumed me, his hands held my face and he pushed me with his body up against the truck, I could feel his dick rubbing up against up me, he was so much taller than me it was on my stomach, he started grouping my boobs and we grinded in rhythm. He kissed my neck and I moaned as he un buttoned my skirt and slid his hand in my panties, he sighed and said my god your soaking wet. Yes, I am. Something up until this point I had never experienced. I was so wet my undies wear soaked, he rubbed m clit and continued making out with me. I loved that he would make subtle noises as well. Since I was moaning and groaning and begging for his fingers inside me. Finally after a few minutes, which felt like forever to me, he slid his long fingers inside me and I shivered with ecstasy, he instantly was hitting my G-spot and I was grabbing at his shoulders and pulling his shirt enjoying every second. Needing more and more. I pulled away from him and begged him to take me somewhere. I said I needed it, I needed it bad. I adjusted my skirt, pulled it back down, fixed my hair, which was a disaster from him gently pulling the back of it while he kissed me. I was so giggly and floating on cloud nine. Right then, a car pulled up and slowed a bit, they shouted does your dad know where you are?

I didn’t care. Teddy grabbed my hand and we ran across the lawn cutting through back yards. Where are we going? I was nervous but excited thinking we were going to ride on the back of motorcycle. Then he pulled out keys and he said I have an idea. My family just bought this. Huh??? The grocery store?? He opened the door. And told me not to turn on the light. It was empty except for some boxes and a couch. He closed the door behind me and in seconds pushed me down on the pull out bed. He was on top of me and back to making out I couldn’t get my skirt of fast enough, my shirt gone, my bra gone, all I wanted was him inside me, I needed it like a drug. He man handled me in a way I had never experienced. There was something about they way his hands could be every where at once. He was kissing and touching and grabbing and then suddenly eating me out. And was a whole new level. Still to this day nobody has topped it. It was the best most amazing mind blowing eating my pussy like it was gold experience. He sucked my clit and licked it as he fingered me and squirmed around pushing on his head and begging for his dick. Please teddy, please give it to me now. He finally positioned himself, the windows were covered with paper, but the street light shown through just enough for me to get a glimpse of his rock hard 6 pack abs and his sexy shoulders, and his mind blowing beautiful rock hard dick. Teddy PLEASE!! He rubbed my clit with his dick and took his time, he was clearly loving that he was driving me absolutely crazy, I moaned so loudly, he shushed me. Then finally when I thought I’d never get it, he slowly slid his dick inside me. It was huge I felt like there was no space left and it fit just like a glove. He started rambling about my tight pussy and I did my best not scream. 5 seconds in and I felt like I could cum. Faster, harder please please. every push, every motion felt better than anything id ever felt. I never wanted it to end, he would get to close and then pull out and eat my pussy some more, and then hed jump up and ram inside me hard and fast with no warning and i’d shudder. Loving every inch of his dick wanting more. I held on to the edge of the bed, because he was driving me down into it, and I was wiggling all around. I told him I was gonna cum. I let out a moan that I cant even explain, pure pleasure and satisfaction, as his rock hard sex god dick keep pumping in and out and then he pulled out and came all over my stomach. He moaned and sighed and collapsed. I lay there shaking, giggly and happy. Smiling ear to ear. Not only had I just had the best sex of my life, but my first real full body orgasm and it was with teddy. The one person i had had a crush on my whole life.

After a moment of recovery, reality set in and we realized we had been gone for hours. I said we should probably head back and double check my dad was still in the bar. I tried to stand up and instantly fell back down. He laughed and gave me his hand and helped me up. You ok? Yes I smiled. I fixed my head band and put on skirt, I did my best not to beam from ear to ear. As we walked back towards the street dance someone came running up to us, Your dads looking for you, hes freaking out, he has the county sherriff and a few friends driving around. Were have you been?!! Teddy jumped in, we were here dancing the whole time!! Then we saw my dad, bright red and super angry. He came over all huffed up and totally ripped teddy a new one. Poor guy handled it like a champ and apologized for keeping me dancing for so long. My dad was pissed and started walking towards the car. He called me and I jumped to it, cuz I knew I was in trouble. Teddy yelled after me. Do you have a myspace? Yes I do! I said and then I said It was fun dancing!! He said I’ll find you. I said ok and smiled and waved.