She thinks I hate it and it drives her to do it more, but I secretly started to love it!!!

Wed, 03/27/2013 - 10:56 -- Anonymous (not verified)

I was with a gorgeous girl for 5 years, she had long dark hair, blue eyes, tanned skin, 32E boobs. perfect size 8 dancers body! things were going so well even though it was a long distant relationship until she started getting cold and distant until she finally ended it, to fuck other guys!! I was gutted I tried kept ringing her wanting to see her but she didn't want me to travel up to see her, she just had no interest! After 2 months of trying to see her, begging her over the phone she finally agreed to see me! She was out on a night out with the girls when she agreed, she wanted to meet me at her apartment at 3am after her night out, I had to leave immediately as I love 4 hours away! When I got there I was so nervous as I hadn't seen her for 3 months, When she opened her apartment door she looked stunning, as she was still wearing what she wore on her night out!! I tight top with tiny denim shorts with really high nude patent shoes!! She knew she looked hot!! She even said " I look good dont I" I could disagree I just told her how amazing she looked!! She smiled and asked me if I wanted her back, off course I did I missed her so much, but she already knew that!! It quickly became clear she wanted me their to humiliate me!! She said " if u want me so much, show me.... Beg like u did over the phone" I was shocked but started to beg " please ... Please take me back!!" She interrupted by saying. " no no... I'm Worth more than that! Beg properly.... On your hands n knees!!" Oh god I was so embarrassed but desperate!! I got down on my hands n knees Infront of her and begged!! I could tell she loved it!! After a while she said " now get lower, I wana see u grovel at my feet" I didn't know how exactly to grovel so I just lay on my stomach face down Infront of her small size 4 feet!! I was so humiliated!! Then it got worse! She said " while your down there if u really want me back, lick my shoes" I hesitated and she put her foot forward and said " did u not hear me I said lick my shoes!! Go on they need a clean after being in those clubs tonight!! I was devastated!! I just lowered my head and started to lick her shoes!! She must have felt amazing!! I licked the top and down each side them the made me do the other shoe!! It was vile but quite sexy!!! After that the made me lay on my back! She stood over me and put her foot on my chest!! She made me look up at her, I run my eyes up her perfect tanned toned legs, up her body to her stunning blue eyes! We're she just coldly stared down at me!! " you beneath me, your nothing to me she snarled at me!!" I was so humiliated! She then said " watch my foot and then u will know exactly how much I think of you" as she said that she took her foot off my chest and slowly brought it down onto my face!!! She was stood over me with her shoe pressed on my check for what seemed ages!!! Until she finally life's her foot and said " you havnt finished yet, stick your youngest out" as I did she wiped the sole of her shoe across my tongue!! Now keep licking she snapped!! The soles of her shoes were filthy, I felt so low!! But I knew she was having fun!!! After that night regularly lick her shoes now!! She thinks I hate it and it drives her to do it more, but I secretly started to love it!!!