Sex with a married woman

Wed, 04/24/2013 - 10:34 -- Anonymous (not verified)

For the sake of the story I will go by Brad and we’ll call her Ashley.

It started as innocent, passing flirtation on twitter. We “found” each other there three years ago through happenstance.(she was retweeted into my timeline) We began chatting, exchanged jokes and we quickly became regular twitter buddies. We tell each other everything. I was 24 at the time and she was 31, she is tall for a female 5’11, raven black hair and curvy in all the right places. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t flirting heavily with her pretty quickly but she flirted right back. A year of flirtation goes by, & I’m in between relationships, we talk about it a lot and she offers me solid advice. Around this time I’m kinda down on myself, I just out of the blue sext her. I send her a pic of me just in my boxers, my bulge clearly showing.

That act took things to the next level, I kind of expected her to block me. She’s married and a mother and knowing my luck I was thinking to myself I probably just fucked myself out of a trusted acquaintance. I was shocked when I checked my messages later and found her replies, she had sexted me back. She has a very nice body for a mom of two, I’m a breast man and she is very blessed with her perfect doubleD’s/ From here everything just accelerates, sexting, cam, phone sex. Her husband is a pipeliner and is constantly on the road. It seems almost every night of the week it seems we’re spending online together in some capacity

Fast forward to September of 2012, we finally decided that we’re going to do this for real. It was the single hottest two days I’ve ever experienced We decided we’d meet first would be at her house, I was hesitant about this but after finding out where she lived ( back country roads, few neighbors within miles) I accepted. I was so very nervous driving to her place, it’s a good two hours from my house, just lots of time to think, I had extreme cold feet I will admit. I pulled into Ashley’s driveway, took a second to collect myself before I headed to the door.

Ashley opened the door before I could and greeted me with a smile and our first kiss. This is the moment when my cold feet went away and I was at ease. I came in and she led me to the couch, there were a few types of alcohol on the coffee table ( I’ll never forget sitting there and looking at the frosty bottles, while we made small talk) I took a shot of vodka, felt the last bet of tension leave me as we just started talking

I made the first move, after about ten minutes of chat I put my arm around her and pulled her close to me kissing her we began to make out wildly. She straddles me and grinds into me as im pulling off my shirt, then hers. Her bra follows. I am in heaven sucking on her tits, the same tits that have been teasing me from a distance for so long. She is groping my dick through my jeans and she says we need to take this to the bedroom. I follow her, unbuckling my jeans and taking off my shoes in her hallway. I am totally naked before I step foot in her bedroom.

We roll around on her bed at first, just making out foundling her breasts, shes stroking my cock at this point. I finally get her out of her pants and panties and I enjoy tasting the sweetest pussy I’ve ever had. I eat her out till she cums, she tries to return the favor but I just can’t wait. I tell her “Ashley, I just need to fuck you” and she moans as I push myself into her. ( For the detail oriented people: Im 6’1 brown hair, slightly athletic, I’m working with just more than 6.5 inches, though I was blessed with girth)

Her pussy wasn’t the tightest I’ve had but she works it so well and it is white hot. I’d like to say I performed like a champ, but it was 15 minutes of hard & fast fucking and I simply couldn’t stand it any more, the buildup to this moment was just to much. I leaned down and kiss her and tell her I need to cum, I’m about to pull out but she tells me not to, she’s on the pill. She starts moaning loudly “Brad, cum in me, please god cum in me “ and this pushes me over the edge in a major way, I have the most mind blowing orgasm, grinding my cum hard & deep inside her as she moans underneath me/ I pull out and lay beside her as she smiles and starts to play with her messy pussy, It wasn’t but five minutes of me seeing this, that I was rock hard.

My second go around, I am much prouder of my stamina, we fucked in every position imaginable. I’ll never forget watching her straddling my cock for the fist time and lowering herself on to me Before I came for the second time, I had given her her first sex triggered squirting orgasm and she cummed three times before I finally finished by spraying my cum over her tits

The rest of the two days we spent together featured more of the same, just mind blowing sex I had never experienced before. We continue seeing each other to this day, usually twice a month like clockwork.