Reliving my fantastic sex the other night (F/M) (plus my pics!)

Sat, 08/24/2013 - 21:36 -- Anonymous (not verified)

I was visiting my old college to drop off my little brother. I still have a few friends that go to the school so it was a social visit as much as sibling duty. I had plans that night to see a particularly good friend of mine that I used to hook up with, I had no expectations, he was spoken for.

"I could fuck you on this car." He said.

He and I have always had an electric relationship. We have always been strictly friends but there has never been a lack of sexual chemistry. Mostly because we both love to fuck. We've been friends through many stages of romance, I've had a boyfriend, hes had a girlfriend, he's been single, I've been polyamorous. We have always respected each others romantic status. But he's a flirt, I'm a flirt, flirting happens regardless.

That was how the night started, flirtatious, nothing new, a few drinks, a few ass slaps, a few boob grabs, a few lewd jokes. The whole while I maintained the sanctity of his relationship. But then we went to go pick up take out.

He got in his car, locked me out just to be an ass and started trying to drive away, so I climbed on the hood. He stopped the car as I flashed him my flirty look through the windshield.

"I could fuck you on this car." He said.

Thinking nothing of it, I played along. I rolled over onto my back and spread my arms out across the hood of the car. He got out and walked over to me. He pulled my knees apart and crawled up the hood of the Chevy cruise, his face growing nearer and nearer to the fly of my daisy dukes. He ran his lips up the the one inch inseam and then continued up over my spaghetti strap tank top. He paused at my face. I was sure he was just teasing me. He never shut up about how much he loved his girlfriend.

My breath was already short when he kissed me. I didn't care about his girlfriend. I didn't know her, she had no trust in me to be betrayed, and i never wanted his love, the only thing i wanted from him was pushing at his jeans trying to get out.

I'm not a fan of going down on a guy, but the heat of the moment changes a person's preferences, and I didn't think I had any other way of making him cum.

A kiss still wasn't too far, he was so promiscuous , for all i knew the kiss had already been forgiven. Deeper, deeper kiss. His hand on my breast, then down my front, then into my pants, then into my body. His fingers pushed just one joint in. Nothing crazy, it probably wasn't cheating yet, just a joke gone a bit...far...

He got off me and got back into the drivers seat and said "Lets go! foods getting cold!". That's what I thought. A joke cone a bit far, it wasn't unexpected with him. But it had been about a month since my last sexcapade so I lay on his hood for a moment shaking my head in disbelief and laughing to myself, trying to bed my appetite back down.

We got home with the food, we had acted like the hood of the car never happened. Until he pinned me to the wall as soon as we walked in the front door. He kissed me deeply again, he lifted me off my feet, crushing his hips into mine while i remained suspended against the wall. He let one of my feet down, keeping the other elevated nearly to my shoulder and unbuttoned my pants again. I enjoyed it for a moment, I waited for him to talk away again, but he didn't. So I countered. I felt for his belt buckle then slipped my hand between him and his boxers, and found what I was looking for. I matched the speed that I touched him with the speed he touched me. If he slowed down, I slowed down. If he sped up, I sped up. It wasn't until we heard someone coming up the basement stairs that we stopped and adjusted our undergarments.

We took the found downstairs, once again, acting like nothing had happened. Sat on the couch with friends, watching them play donkey kong. I felt his hand on my inseam again. He rubbed his hand against the outside of my pants. My face was hot and flushed, I was grateful for the dark room and my ability to keep a straight face. I continued talking with everyone, no one the wiser, as he slipped his fingers inside me again. With everyone's attention on the TV, no one even noticed. After a while he stopped and went upstairs without a word. I waited till the end of the level then followed.

No ignoring this time, we broke into a violent makeout. He threw me against the wall and ripped open my pants putting his first and middle fingers all the way inside. I opened by eyes wide and let out a breathy moan. He began to unbutton his pants. I grabbed his hand and pulled him into the bedroom of the poor sucker that hadn't arrived yet. I was as quiet as I could manage as he pull me out of my pants and got on his knees, licking me. I prefer to scream. I cum easily, I cum a lot and I like to cum loud. But I couldn't this time. I had to be quiet as his tongue and fingers found their way in and out of my perspiring, aroused body. He kissed me again, I could taste my own fluids on his tongue, it was sour.

I pushed him against the wall and got on my knees taking him in my mouth. I'm not a fan of going down on a guy, but the heat of the moment changes a person's preferences, and I didn't think I had any other way of making him cum. At least until he stood me up suddenly, bent me over and pushed himself inside me with one swift movement.

I moaned louder than I should have. He reached around and put his finger in my mouth. His finger was sour, like his tongue. I bit down in his knuckle just enough to suppress my moans. My moans weren't the only sound to suppress anymore as he pushed in and out slapping against me hard and fast. We moved from wall to wall, to floor, to the empty bed frame.

I have a strange idea of sex. I don't believe in "making love" being sex. To me, making love is sitting on the couch watching TV with someone you care about. This was not "making love" this was sex. And I like my sex to be raw animal carnage. "Harder." I breathed through his quick motions. He wasn't soft with me, he knew how I liked it. Hard and fast.

He pulled out. "Lets go out to my car. You can be louder there."

We heard commotion outside and stopped. He was still inside me as we waited listening. He pulled out. "Lets go out to my car. You can be louder there." And I was. He was even harder out in the car. I barely remember getting there. All I remember was cumming again as he railed into me from behind, and at last I could scream as loud as I wanted. The escalating sex flashed from position to position. Doggy style, he slapped my as as he pushed into me. "Do it again." I begged as he slapped harder and I felt the sting of his palm on my skin as I felt the pleasure of his dick against my inside. Cowgirl, my head bent forward hitting the roof of the compact car, as I mustered all the strength in my legs to keep myself bouncing and to keep my pleasure coming he thrust his hips up and down creating a hard landing that made my legs weaker and weaker with every thrust. Sixty-nine, my eyes closed, choking on his dick, stopping every so often for air as he pushed his tongue deep into my we pussy. Then finally I found myself pressed against the seat, my ankles around his shoulders. He was using the pasengerseat for traction as he pushed more and more.

I had to stop. It had been over an hour. I had cum again and again. He had yet to cum once. We got out of the car. The windows were dripping with the hot air and fumes of our wild sex. We both stood in the street, naked. Neither of us cared. It was late at night and no one was around. If someone looked out their window at 3 am to see a fit naked boy and a lean naked girl, we wouldn't have cared. We just put on what clothes we could find as we searched the back seat for my panties.

He never finished. He didn't seem to mind. He just wanted to torture me. Seeing that look on my face as I came over and over. His girlfriend can have his love, I just want him to keep me as his sex doll. This whole story sounds very elaborate. But its all true, and writing all I can think of is that great night of carnal fucking. It has me turned on enough to post some filthy smut of me reliving it in my mind on Aren't you lucky?