Ran into highschool crush on the train this morning. Leads to bathroom sex at a local deli.

Fri, 07/26/2013 - 22:19 -- Anonymous (not verified)

I just typed this up on the clock at work on my phone, so forgive any typos (It took over an hour so please read!)

So I was standing on the train on my way to work this morning when I heard someone call my name. I look over and see it's a girl I haven't seen in like 7 or 8 Years. We were friends in highschool but not super close. She wasn't especially pretty or anything, and was pretty flat chested, but she had an amazing ass. Funny how having an amazing ass immediately put her way out of my league. At some point someone told her I had a crush on her and she thought it was "cute". Which spelled my demise. Around 19 or 20, our friends started to change and I stopped seeing her.

So anyways I see her on the train. She calls me over. And we start talking. She looks older obviously (I'm 27 now.) She's gained weight. Not a ton (she was pretty small in highschool) but I'd definitely label her as "thick' now, as I wouldn't have before. Probably a size 2 in highschool, maybe an eight or 9 now. She's a white girl. Straight dirty blonde hair to her shoulders, tits a little bigger but still on the small side. Lots of make up. She's sitting down so cant see her ass. But thighs look pretty thick. Shes wearing a sweater, some tight black slacks, and heels.

So we talk (well she talks mostly.) Super flirty. Flipping of the hair, lots of touching me, that kinda stuff. She's going to some court hearing in town. Being polite. I mention we should have lunch if she's still downtown in a few hours. After we get off the train we exchange phone numbers. I get a look at her ass as she walks away. Damn. Definitely bigger. But just as nice (I happen to love thicker girls.) The pants are skin tight with them slightly riding up her ass.

So to be honest I'm a little surprised she was coming on to me. I've lost some weight since school, so maybe that was it (or her standards have dropped significantly.) Never underestimate the power of a well dressed, employed man I suppose. ;) I get a text 1230, asking if I already had lunch. I have, but I lie. We meet at this sandwich shop I frequent. Shoot the shit. She talks about her hearing (some worker's comp claim.)

She's giving me the eyes the whole time.

She starts asking about how I got into such good shape (which I'm taking with a grain of salt, because I'm still a little over weight.) She asks why I never took a pass at her. Told her she was out of my league, and that she usually dated older guys. She gives me the obligatory 'you weren't out of my league' answer, but cops to only dating older guys. She's looking down playing with her straw when she drops me a bomb.

"Well I probably would have at least fucked you." She says all nonchalantly. Looking up at me while taking a drink.

I was pretty shocked. But...kinda not, at the same time. I just kinda fumbled around trying to not look like I wasn't embarrassed.

"Is that so." I responded like a million years later.

She proceeds to ask if I ever thought about it back then, and I spill the beans. I tell her all the time. I even tell her I used to jack off to a bikini picture she posted on her myspace. She loves it. She asks about specific fantasies I had. Then proceeds to tell me how hot this is all making her.

"Yea me too. Imma need a minute before we get up and leave, or I'm going to get some funny looks." I say.

"Shut up. Really?" She looks under the booth table (more as a gesture. Since she'd have to get pretty low to see anything.

"Prove it, let me see."

'How the hell am I supposed to do that here?" I respond.

She reaches down and pulls a heel off and then. Yep. I feel toes pushing against my chub.

"Holy shit you really do want to fuck me." She says in a loud whisper all gitty like a kid. She has yet to stop rubbing.

So now I'm really turned on. I wanna fuck her bad. I recently just ended a really long dry spell with a girl I was seeing, and I have no intention of going that long again. I've never had casual sex. But I'm hoping that will change soon. I invite her to come over my place after work.

"Why wait until after work?" She replies.

I ask if she lives around here.

"No, but if you want me so bad. Then it shouldn't matter where. Right?"


She proceeds to put her shoe back on, get up from the booth, and tells me that she'll leave the bathroom door unlocked behind her. She also offers the advice of waiting a minute or two, as to not make a 'spectacle' of myself.

I take her advice, and focus on calming down. After about 60 seconds I'm soft enough for it to not be really noticeable. I walk over to the bathroom. It's a one person bathroom (no gender.) I hope nobody has to go while we're in there.

When I walk in she's looking in the mirror messing with her hair. I walk over and we start making out pretty much right away. I'm not used to kissing girls with lipstick so that's different. She slso smells heavily of perfume. It smells good, but it's a bit much. She doesn't waste any time, unzips me, and immediately pulls my partially limp dick out through the zipper. She jerks me off while we kiss. I reach around and get a real handful of ass, hooking my fingers deep into her ass.

I'm not even all the way hard again yet before she undoes her pants, pulls them (and the neon green thong she has on) down passed her ass, and bends over the sink. It's at this point I realize we don't have a condom. I for sure as hell don't carry any around. So I ask her. She seems a little irritated (she's really rushing things along.) She asks me to grab her purse of the toilet. After a second of rummaging around in her purse, she pulls one out. The brand was called "beyond seven" which I've never heard of. I'm initially nervous as I am definitely not "beyond 7". (I'm pretty average, check out my previous posts for proof lol.) But as I put it on, I'm pleasantly surprised to find out it's not a magnum. If anything it's kind of tight. So anyways I reach down and give her pussy a quick rub. She wet as hell. I push on her back to bend her over a little further and pull her pants down to her knees so I could spread her legs a little wider (my target was still a little out of reach under her thick ass.)

I push my dick again her wet slit and sink in.

She immediately let's out a loud heavy breath. I grab her waist right above her hips and start pumping into her. She's so wet I could hear the slosh of us fucking. It's kinda gross and really hot at the same time. I'm fucking her through the slit in my boxers and zipper of my chinos. I figure I better at least drop my pants so her juices don't get all over me (I have to go back to work.) I stop, undo my belt and drop my pants.

So I fuck her bent over the sink for about a minute. I love the feeling of her thick ass against my skin.Then I get adventurous and tell her to stand up. I push her back against the wall and pull her pants all the the way down to her ankles. I have her open her legs and squat a little. I squat down. And slip inside her, now facing her. Pretty much standing missionary.

We do that for a minute but it's kind of awkward. My legs are getting pretty tired. To line up my dick with her pussy I'm squatting pretty deep as even with her heels, I'm still a few inches taller.

She tells me she is liking it better from the back. So she turns around and leans over again, this time gripping the handicap bar on the wall. She's bent over a lot further now. And with her pants down to her ankles. Her legs and ass spread wider than before. I'm really fucking her deep now. We're both breathing hard.

After another minute or so she asks if I'm close.

"A little." I respond.

She proceeds to tell me to not hold back, as she can't cum with a condom. At this point I pick up the pace quite a bit. I'm scared the clap of me smacking into her ass could be heard outside. But I keep going anyways. She's getting a little louder now. She lets go of the rail with one hand and digs her nails into my forearm. Another 30 seconds goes by and I'm pretty close. I announce it, and her nails dig a little deeper.

I feel me pass the point of no return, and start cumming hard. I change pace and pump slow and deep as I feel what feels like a ton of cum course through my cock. I gently glide in and out milking the last of it out, going partially soft inside of her. The sticky condom slaps against my balls as I pull out.

She postures up, and grabs some toilet paper to wipe off. I pull the condom off and damn did I fill that thing. I lay it on the trash. So it's visible to the next person in there ( I don't know why. I just want someone to see it). We finish cleaning up. And agree she walks out first. I follow a few seconds later. Nobody seems to notice so we walk out of the shop. The whole bathroom incident couldnt have lasted more than 5, 6 minutes tops.

I feel a little bad she didn't come, and tell her that I'd love the chance to spend my time on her. She tells me to call her and we can hook up.

So that's my story. This happened about 3 hours ago. It could have gone a little smoother but it was pretty damn surreal to me. But now I don't know what the hell to do. Maybe any ladies reading might be able to give me some insight.

Should I call her tonight? Would she have told me tonight instead of "sometime" if that's what she wanted?

Also, I feel like I already know the answer to this. But does anybody have unprotected sex with non SOs? She seemed a little bummed when I asked. I mean who knows what I would a done if she didn't have one. But then again she did have them, so maybe I am just reading it wrong. I was gonna ask if she has anything showing she got tested and then maybe roll bare back. Is that rude? What's your take on that?